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How To Get Virtual Cards for Free That Looks Professional?

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Virtual Business cards are the future of sustainable marketing and networking. They are better than traditional business cards and offer a lot more benefits and features. Virtual business cards are perfect for the tech-savvy world and save a lot of time and money. Moreover, these cards break the geographical boundaries and allow you to conveniently share them through mobile and computer.

Digital Business cards are pretty cheap, but still, they can be expensive for some professionals and freelancers. So, you might be thinking of how can I get a free virtual card. Ask no more because here are some virtual business card generators that let you build professional virtual cards for free.

But first, let’s get to know about the features of a professional business card.

How does a Professional Virtual Business Card Look?

Virtual cards are great, but a professional-looking business card can do wonders. Here is what a professional virtual business card should have.

Contact Details and Credentials

Contact information and credentials are the most crucial part of a business card. The professional card should have all the necessary information that a traditional business card has, like name, designation, contact number, email, and office address (if required). Along with all the information, the client should be able to contact you directly through the virtual business card. The convenient feature is not necessary, but it’s exceptional and quite fruitful.

Brand Logo and Your Picture

Logos and pictures are great at providing an immersive experience. It attracts the client and increases the chances of callbacks. So, having a company logo and image at the top of the vcard is essential for a professional virtual business card. Moreover, having options to add videos and pdfs is excellent.

Whenever creating virtual cards for free, make sure to add your picture and company logo to the card.

Valuable resources

Many things can be considered valuable resources, and their addition depends on the type of job and client requirements. Some valuable resources include portfolios, marketing coupons, discount codes, etc. These valuable resources add value to your business cards and enhance the client experience.

Social and Business Apps Integration

Social media is among the biggest forms of communication. Many freelancers use it to showcase their portfolios. And marketers use them for marketing as social media is the best marketing method in this digital era.

Along with these, having the option to integrate business apps like LinkedIn, HubSpot, etc. is excellent.

So, a professional virtual business card should have social and business apps integration.

Fine Color Choices and Themes

Colors and themes are essential for designing a professional virtual business card. The colors should reflect the business theme and objectives. Moreover, many virtual businesses card makers have preset themes, making it easier for us to design a professional business card.

Easy to Access

This feature does not have anything to do with the appearance of the virtual card. But it adds to the customer experience. A virtual business card should be accessible without any proprietary app. Moreover, it must have multiple access options like NFC, URL, and QR code.

Free Virtual Business Card Makers

Finding reliable virtual business card makers is not easy. It is a new industry, and there are not a lot of great makers that offer virtual cards for free.

So, here are some companies that allow you to build professional-looking virtual business cards for free.


Zapped virtual cards for free

Zapped is the first reliable free virtual card maker on the list. With this, you can make one vcard with almost all the premium features like card analytics, QR code builder, social media integration, etc.

The free version has 12 templates with hundreds of plain, live, and custom gradient backgrounds. Moreover, you can also add an image and logo to make it look professional.

Another great feature of Zapped is the free QR code builder, which makes it easy to access and share. Zapped also allows you to customize QR codes with your or company’s name. You can also share it via text, URL, NFC, and email.

Hi Hello

Hi Hello

Hi Hello is an efficient virtual business card maker with many exceptional features. The app is available on Android, iOS, and the Web. It allows you to create up to four virtual cards for free.

Like Zapped, Hi Hello has all the customization and QR code sharing options. A unique feature is the address book with unlimited contacts, where you can easily add and access your contacts.



L-Card is a fine virtual card generator; it allows you to generate up to 20 vCards on a single account with many unique and excellent features.

L-Card has useful card analytics, and you can add smart email signatures and videos. It also has an option to add contacts on the device and export them to outlook, google contacts, and salesforce.

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