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Top 4 Online Business Card Makers: Which One is right for you?

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Everything is going digital, from banking to business meetings and networking events, which is quite difficult for the network and marketing professionals. These professionals are highly dependent on their connections and contacts. The easiest and fastest way to exchange information is business cards that cannot be shared during online meetings and events. So, the online business card maker has the solution to their problem.

They digital business card is better than paper business cards in many ways. You can show heaps of data on a single card like usual business card information, social and business apps link, portfolios, etc. Moreover, they don’t get lost in the pockets or briefcases of leads. The cards stay in the client’s inbox and allow them to contact you through the online business card quickly.

Let’s know more about the digital business card and the best online business card maker software.

Online Business Card

The online business card is a convenient digital method of exchanging information. The cards are basically an electronic version of traditional business cards, which stores a lot more data and is pretty easy to share through mobile phone and computer.

Top 5 Online Business Card Makers

Since the rise of the pandemic, there is a competition between digital business card makers to reach the top. In this pursuit, many new players have entered the market. So, as an average consumer, it will be difficult for you to choose the best online business card maker.

Here are the four best online business card makers to make your task easier.

Zapped: Online Business Card Maker

Zapped best online business card maker

Zapped is the best vCard maker, equipped with proprietary technology to turn your card into a marketing powerhouse. It gives you opportunities to expand your business and connect with customers wherever you go.

Zapped online business cards are already SEO optimized and indexed on google, allowing the clients to find you through organic google search. Moreover, with a custom URL and domain, you can easily integrate the online business card with your website.

The real-time data analytics of Zapped is exceptional. It tracks the customer interaction with your business card and provides valuable insights to help you in market research. Moreover, the data also allows you to turn leads into customers. You can also integrate promotional videos, discount codes, and coupons for higher conversion with Zapped.


  • Easy Customization with Custom CSS and JavaScript styling.
  • Convenient integration with all the business and social media apps.
  • Easy to share with NFC, QR code, and URL.
  • Password Access and Contact Blocking
  • Efficient data analytics.
  • No app is required to view the business card.

Right Fit For

Zapped business card is a perfect fit for every type of business professional, from a marketer and networking professional to an industrialist, freelancer, and entrepreneur.

KADO Networks: Online Business Card Maker Software

Kado online business card maker software

KADO Networks is another reliable online business card maker that provides an intelligent management experience with seamless networking, easy customization, and the ability to sync all contacts from different sources in a single platform.

A unique feature of KADO Networks is its ability to import and scan traditional business cards and add them to the contact list. On which you can add notes and events. KADO also enables you to engage with all contacts through the app.


  • Easy contact management.
  • Privacy and access management.
  • Convenient Note-taking and event tracking.
  • Import and scan business cards.

Right Fit For

KADO Networks is the best fit for networking professionals. It allows them to efficiently store and record all the contact and events to have a strong relationship.

DIBIZ: Online Business Card Maker

DIBIZ online business card maker

DIBIZ is an innovative and affordable digital business card maker with many elegant designs. Like Zapped DIBIZ is quite easy to use, you can create a professional and content-rich business card in minutes. Along with social media and contact details, you can integrate YouTube videos and marketing links for potential clients. It has a friendly dashboard where you can easily update your information.

Moreover, DIBIZ has web and mobile phone apps to easily create and share your business card.


  • Share via SMS, WhatsApp, Email, and social media.
  • Easy to create.
  • Accessible on both mobile phones and computers.

Right Fit For

DIBIZ is the best for marketers. They can easily integrate custom marketing links and promotional videos to attract clients.

Blinq: Online Business Card Maker

Best online business card maker

Blinq is a trusted business card maker serving thousands of users worldwide. They are known for their easy ways to share cards and automatically logging when and where you met a new contact. The platform is available on computers, iOS, and Android mobile phones. You can also add QR codes and NFC to Apple Watch to easily share wherever you go.

Automatic logging saves a lot of time and makes contact management easier and safer.


  • Easy sharing via QR code, NFC card, Apple watch, and mobile phone.
  • Trusted by thousands.
  • Easy CRM (contact relationship management) with automatic contact logging.
  • Secure contact sharing.
  • Add unique logos and brand identity.

Right Fit For

Blinq is the best fit for big corporations looking to have online business cards for the whole company. They have easy plans with unlimited cards creation.

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