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Virtual business cards have taken over the traditional business cards by storm. The interactive digital version is transforming the business. It has made networking and marketing much easier. You can simply send your card to anyone in the world with a few taps. Moreover, they are much more functional, cheaper, and sustainable than traditional business cards. After the pandemic, virtual card service providers have risen significantly, and many are not up to par. They are difficult to access and share and even more tricky to create. So, finding the best virtual business cards generator can be pretty tough.

Features of the Best Virtual Card Service Provider

Here are the features of the best virtual business cards service provider.

Easy to Create

All types of professionals need business cards, and they have to design and create virtual business cards by themselves. Often, they do not have adequate information to build a functional and professional business card. So, the process of creation must be easy.

Everything step must be properly labeled and easy to understand on the website and app. Moreover, complex code or styling must not be necessary. The platform must have preset backgrounds and templates so that the user can customize their business card easily with just a few clicks and toggles.

Customization Options

Best Virtual business card customization

Customization is essential. The cardholders and companies always try to have a design that reflects their style and work. Professionals take their time to create the best design and template for traditional business cards. So, having more than enough customization options is the best virtual business cards creator trait.

Most creators have templates to design their business cards quickly, and they also have options like background, pictures, video, company logo, background and foreground color, etc. Moreover, having custom CSS and JavaScript styling options is the cherry on top.

Social media Integration

Social Media

Social media is the way to go for marketing campaigns. It has more than ever users, and successful campaigns on social media influence people. Moreover, apps like Facebook and Instagram also enable page owners to integrate their online shop with the app making it even more accessible for users.

So, a vcard creator needs to have the option to integrate all the popular social media and business apps. Some must-have social media and business apps include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and HubSpot. Some creators also enable you to integrate discount coupons or vouchers for special customers.


Accessibility is important. The created card must be easy to view on every device because inaccessible virtual business cards are basically useless. Many creators have the compulsion to download the respective provider’s app to access the business card, which is not a great practice because the user will more likely leave your card unattended.

With the best virtual cards creator, you can access the business card without any app. Moreover, they have multiple access points for virtual business cards like QR codes, URLs, etc.


Real-time analytics is pretty crucial for a successful marketing campaign. It allows marketers to learn how the customers are interacting with the virtual cards to formulate marketing strategies. Moreover, it also helps in the assessment of a marketing campaign.

A best online business cards generator has resources to accumulate valuable insight about the customer interaction with the card. That can be fruitful for marketers to transform their business.


Security is an essential factor. A business card has a lot of critical data like phone numbers, address and some virtual business cards also have the user’s account details, which can be dangerous if they get into the wrong hands. So, the best virtual cards generator must have the resources and features to keep the data safe.

Firstly, they should have strong data centers to keep the information safe because it is the central hub and contains the data of almost every user.

The card must have security features like password access and a blocking option on the user side. The password is an effective way to limit your virtual business card users’ access, and blocking will prevent blocked users from accessing the digital business card.


Zapped is the best virtual business card service to help you promote your business. It has all the above-mentioned traits and can be valuable for your business.

You can create the business card in merely five minutes, and even the person with the slightest knowledge can understand the directions and requirements of the virtual business card. Moreover, it has 12 templates and unlimited backgrounds to compliment your virtual business card. You can also add pictures, videos, and a company logo to make it look professional.

The safe and secure vcard can conveniently integrate almost every social and business app. Moreover, it provides real-time analytics to help marketers in their marketing campaigns.

After the creation, it’s pretty easy to share the digital business card and can be shared via QR code, URL, and NFC, which is quite convenient.

In short, Zapped is the most effective business cards creator; professionals from every industry can buy their services, and solo workers can even use them for free. So, visit to get your high-quality online business card.

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