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12 Creative and Modern Business Card Designs that will make you Stand Out


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We all are aware of virtual business cards and know how to use and create them. But while creating, many professionals are not quite great at designing an interactive, immersive, attractive, and modern business card, which is essential to successfully turn leads into customers.

We understand that many people are not used to the technologically advanced world. Many are not good at designing beautiful business cards.

So, here are some creative, unique, and modern business cards with QR codes that will make you stand out. But first, head to and go to the “create vcard” section.

Sales Persons

Modern business card
  • The first is the simple and elegant theme using the New York template with simple blue background. Designing it is quite simple. After opening vCard, select the New York them and approach the background options. Click on the drop-down, select color, and add values “R:0, G:58, B:112”. Lastly, add your favorite pixels, and the modern virtual card is ready.  
Modern business card
  • The second one has a slight feminine touch to it. We are using the Washington template; it has pink color blocks with an orangish background. R:225, G:221, B:173. You can also add a pink and pale gradient to create an immersive background like in the picture.  
Modern business card
  • The third one uses the Dubai template complemented by a slightly lighter green color. The unique design is the best option if you have a lot of contacts, business, and social information to mention. Along with the plain green option, a blue and pink gradient also nicely compliments the template design.


Modern busiess card
  • Modern business cards have changed the way marketers do marketing. We are using San Francisco for this design because it has tons of space to integrate promotional discount codes and videos to attract customers. We will recommend using gradient preset #2 for the background. It is a combination of two blues that reflects calm and pleasing energy.
Design for marketers
  • It is another functional virtual business card design for marketers. This one also has a simple and elegant design and resonates positive energy with its light-colored background. In this card, we are using the Los Angles template with beautiful gradient preset #8 as it perfectly complements the sound theme.
Modern business card
  • For the third one, we have the Toronto template. Unlike other 1:1 pictures, this template can house a rectangular image, so you can use a slightly wide picture. Moreover, it has a grid block layout, which makes the icon smaller and more convenient. For background, you can use the animation on gradient preset #9. It is a combination of red, yellow, green, and blue; the transitioning colors provide an immersive experience.

Corporate Professionals

Modern business card
  • London is the type of template that is designed for corporate professionals. It has a sound black color with greyish blocks and a picture in the center. The template is decorated with a grey background (R:28, G:28, B:28). The formal, visually pleasing, and modern business card is great for corporate professionals.
Modern business card
  • In the second design, we are using the Montreal theme. The unique template with bold and black lettering on a white card perfectly compliments each other. To increase its attractiveness and effectiveness, we have used the R:46, G:46, B:46 black as the background. The background color is a great addition, and it just completes the cards.
Modern business card
  • The third one is also an exquisite virtual business card for corporate workers. In this, we have used the Chicago theme. It has a slightly small black lettering on a white and grey card. So, having a light background color is the ideal option. We have used yellow of R:255, G:247, B:163 to make it attractive.

Industry Workers and Freelancers

Modern business card
  • The first card example is made from the Istanbul template primarily. This is ideal for industry workers and freelancers, as they can easily integrate their previous work histories and portfolios to attract clients and showcase their talent. It should have appealing and pleasing colors for the background, so we decided to go with preset #5.
Modern business card
  • The template is excellent for creative team workers and freelancers. It uses a convenient Atlanta template. Made on a white card with a big image in the middle. The stunning card is accompanied by the blue, pink, and white geometric animation at gradient preset #10.
Modern business card
  • The third modern virtual business card design is quite astonishing and elegant. We are using the Guangzhou template, which is pretty similar to Istanbul. Except for a slightly larger space at the top and a square image cutout in the center. After some analysis, preset #8 is the perfect background for this virtual business card.

Final words

These are the 12 unique and creative virtual modern business card designs that work perfectly with most industries and types of jobs.

Lastly, you can always use custom graphics with custom CSS and JavaScript styling to fit your needs. And always use 1:1 picture on zapped for best results.

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