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Because of our growing dependence on digital, networking is expanding at a breakneck speed. Everything is evolving to depict a paperless, eco-friendly world, including how we do commerce, meet up, and even share contact details.

While paper business cards have long been a networking staple, swapping and handling bits of paper is no longer feasible in today’s digital world.

Electronic business cards are becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs as a convenient way to share data with new contacts. This is especially true for experts who depend on connections to help them build their businesses and increase their profits.

But what exactly are digital business cards, why do you need them, and how can you make them? Let’s look at a new approach to communicating contact information in a digital business card format to help you build your networking and develop your business right now.

The Best Way to Create a Virtual Business Card Online:

Anyone may create an electronic business card in minutes and distribute it the same day. These eco-friendly substitutes may be made on an Android device, iPhone, or PC. Because there are no printing or shipping charges, they are less expensive than paper versions, and you can readily alter or add content.

Unlike conventional business cards, there are no restrictions on how much information may be included. Consider including any or all of the following information on your virtual business card:

  • Your name and your work history
  • Vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns
  • Provide an email address
  • Company Name and Logo
  • Your Brand’s Social Media Accounts
  • A photograph or a brief video
  • Contact Information

You may develop many electronic business cards for various reasons, such as personal networking and a business-focused social network, because they are simple to design and modify.

What information should I put on my virtual business card?

Zapped virtual business card online

Are you stumped as to what to put on a business card? You may put as much or as little information on your card as you like, and you’ll never run out of room with digital business cards. No more cramming as much information as you can into a sheet of paper while attempting to make it appear suitable. When it comes to what to add to a card, there are a few things you should never forget to include:


You have the option of adding more than your first and last names. Include any prefixes or suffixes and any accreditations, a preferred name. Your pronouns can also be included on your digital card so that others know how to address you.


Include your title and firm name on your virtual card if you’re presently employed. You may even use your digital business card to seek a new position if you’re currently looking for one.


If your geographical address is critical to your firm, put a generic area on your business cards.

Contact information for the most part:

Include your chosen method of contact, such as your email, website, number, WhatsApp, or any other connections, on your business cards.

A live photo or a clip:

It’s critical to include a photo or video on your business card since it will assist your contacts in putting a face to a title. Instead of a static image, you can add a live photo or video to your business card to make it unique!


With a zapped Professional membership or higher, you may upload any marketing or sales material PDFs to your business card.

You may select any of the ten shades with the free app Color On Tap. Premium membership grants you access to every color on the color wheel and the ability to change the card layout and features.


Your business card should include your company’s logo. You can upload your logo from your files or Images or search for one directly.


It’s critical to have your website on your business card. Your virtual business card website may provide information about you and your company to your consumers, but it can also help you generate qualified leads.

Send a digital business card to someone:

What do you do now that your card has been customized and is ready to be shared? Sharing your digital business card is straightforward and can be done through a QR code, email, SMS, social media, Siri, Apple Watch, and other methods.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to receive digital business cards for my complete team?

Within enterprises, electronic business cards are increasingly replacing physical business cards. While several systems offer business cards to businesses, we recommend zapped.

What hues and styles work best for virtual business cards?

Your card will stand out and be remembered if it has a dark backdrop with vivid colors like red. Fonts should always be easy to read and convey your company’s tone.

What should I stay away from while creating my digital business card?

When producing an electronic business card online, avoid using obsolete information, obvious mistakes, and too much visual clutter.


Electronic business cards are beneficial and capable of far more than their paper counterparts. Virtual business cards are becoming more common as our reliance on digital media has grown, mainly due to the pandemic. The most straightforward approach to profit from this trend is to use zapped. However, as demand grows, we should anticipate seeing a growth in the number of innovative, personalized digital business cards. Consider working with a zapped today, and click on the link below if you want to get a head start.

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