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13 Reasons Why Digital vCard is the Right Choice

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Business cards are an integral part of any industry and play a pivotal role in promoting and marketing the brand. A traditional business card has your name, company name, address, and contact information on it. Business cards help you build up your business and share your company with others competitors and clients in the industry. Digital vCard is an emerging trend that displays much more information than a paper card.

In this modern and tech-savvy world, the need to switch traditional business cards to digital vCard is epoch-making for the growth of your business. A digital vCard can incorporate basic things like your name, designation, address, contact information, and URLs to your website and apposite multimedia.

13 Reasons why Digital VCard is the right choice

Digital vcard

If you are still obscure between a traditional paper business card and a digital vCard, then this is why you should opt for digital vCard.

  1. The most notable advantage of digital vCard is that they are very convenient. As long as you have a cell phone, smartwatch, or computer, you can design, create, share, and store digital vCards. Because everything is online, you don’t have to carry the extra weight of cards with you.
  2. Digital vCard is easy to store and share. With just a few clicks, you can exchange your personalized digital vCard with anyone anywhere in the world. You don’t need to have hand-to-hand contact with someone to share your business card.
  3. Digital vCard can store much more information than any paper card. Besides your name, designation, address, and contact information, you can also attach customized URLs to digital vCard. Moreover, video animation can also be incorporated into the digital business card. A virtual business card makes sure that all data is available in a single template and without any clutter. You can also use it as a marketing tool, and a properly designed business card can lead potential customers to your site.
  4. Digital vCard is easily adjustable. If there is a typing problem in the card, or your designation is changed, or you changed your job, you don’t need to design and order a new bunch of cards. You can simply edit and use your old vCard.
  5. vCard is much more affordable and pocket friendly than paper cards. You can save hundreds of dollars that you spend on paper business cards each year. Design and create digital vCard without paying any printing cost and spend this money on something more important in a business like marketing.
  6. Another reason why choosing vCard is the right choice is that they are eco-friendly. Paper business cards cost thousands of trees to manufacture, and most of the cards are usually thrown away within one week. Digital vCard gives an environmentally friendly option of a business card to you.
  7. Digital business cards allow seamless follow-ups. When you share your paper business card with people, most of them toss it in their purses or pocket. Others may throw them in cars or drawers, and when they need the business card to contact you, they already forget the place where they have put it. Many people just throw away business cards immediately. But when you share a digital business card, it immediately goes to another person’s inbox, from where they will integrate you into their contacts. VCards are more efficient and easily manageable than their counter paper cards and lead to fostering more robust connections.
  8. Digital vCard features a clickable links option. Utilizing this feature, the customer can reach you with just one tap on your phone number or social media icon. Customers don’t have to do thorough research to find your brand; instead, with just one click, vCard will lead customers to your website.
  9. Sharing vCard does not require your intimate contact with other parties. Even if you are far away from the client or partner, you can still share your business card. And as the digital virtual card does not require contact, it allows the germ-free exchange of cards.
  10. Digitalization of business cards give you an infinite supply of cards, and you will never run out of business card again.
  11. Customization of business cards is possible with vCard. Unlike printed paper cards (which have limited designs, colors, and sizes), vCard offers plenty of themes, fonts, and designs. You can create more creative cards that can attract more customers.
  12. Paper business cards can be shared only by hand. On the contrary, digital vCard offers more options to share the card. You can incorporate vCard in your email signature; you can also email or text the vCard to your partner. You can also utilize QR code to make your vCard accessible to a larger population.
  13. Last but not least, digital VCard gives the impression of a responsible and reliable business.


Both paper and digital cards have their own merits and demerits. But digital vCard is indeed more beneficial than traditional ones. You just need to learn the right way to design and create vCard, and then you can use these cards as marketing tools. Now you know why it’s vital to have a digital vCard, so head to Zapped and get yours for free.

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