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Top 6 Benefits of Virtual Cards for Your Business


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Virtual business cards are the future, the trend is conquering the market, and more and more companies are using them as they are convenient, efficient, and secure. But still, some people are reluctant to use these modern solutions. Some habits need to be modified to keep up with the digital age with constant technological changes. So, here are the benefits of virtual cards and how they can be fruitful for your business.

Virtual Business Card Benefits

Environment Friendly

Paper business card

According to research, around 90% of the business cards are thrown out within one week. Paper business cards are not an eco-friendly way of exchanging information. They harm the environment and leave a tremendous amount of waste. Even a little conservation effort makes a huge difference.

So, digital business cards are a sustainable and green form of exchanging information. Switching from paper to digital saves many trees and significantly reduces waste.

Flexible and Convenient

Virtual business cards are far more convenient than paper cards. You can share your business cards, as long as you have your mobile phone or computer with you. Moreover, all the information is online, so you don’t have to worry about running out of stock because you will never run out.

The digital cards are also quite interactive as you can add your picture, video, and company logo. Clients can also make calls, send emails and access your social media from a single location.

Convenient virtual cards are far more flexible. For example, you have switched jobs; paper business cards will be useless once you have done that, which will be a costly move. But in the case of a digital business card, simply change the company name, theme, and other necessary information, and you have a new business card for the next job.

Moreover, you don’t have to go to the card maker to update your information. Turn on your mobile or computer, open and update your credentials to forward it to your new potential clients.  


Digital business cards are far cheaper, and you can even get them for free from many reliable business cards creators. There is no need to pay hundreds of dollars per year to have a steady supply of business cards that will be thrown eventually. The saved cost can be used on other essential business tasks like marketing.

Free vCards are straightforward and don’t have a lot of extra features like password access, blocking, etc. While the premium cards have many other features and options to have a safe and professional business card. 

The premiums are excellent for marketers and corporate professionals. They have tens and hundreds of designs and templates, with options to share them with customized and personalized URLs and QR codes. Moreover, you will have more control over the card; the virtual business card will provide valuable insights into customer interactions. You can also put password access to limit the users’ access to the card.  

Contactless Exchange

Benefits of Virtual cards

Another great benefit of virtual cards is contactless exchange. In the time of online meetings, conferences, and events, the traditional business cards are basically useless. You cannot share a paper business card over a laptop or mobile phone. While digital business cards are shared via URL or QR code which can easily be sent via email or text. Or you can put your QR code for the meeting attendees, so they have instant access to your card.

Moreover, they are an excellent option in this pandemic situation. The contactless exchange prevents germ contact.

Better Business Opportunities

Digital business cards open you to the world; you have endless opportunities to scale your business with these cards. You don’t have any networking barriers and are not restricted to nearby areas. You can send an access link or code through Whatsapp or text.

As mentioned above, around 90% of paper business cards are thrown out within one week. One of the leading causes is the lack of places to store and organize all the business cards. Thus, they could not find the card when they needed it. The electronic business card will stay safely on the mobile phone and will be available whenever you need it.

Seamless Follow-ups

Digital business cards create stronger connections and are easy to manage. Paper cards are placed in the purse or wallets and get lost and forgotten in old receipts, wrappers, and cards. Then the cards are immediately thrown out when found after years.

On the contrary, digital business cards go directly into the client’s inbox and integrate into their workflow. So, the card is organized, which makes follow-up manageable and efficient.

The virtual business card is the way to go in 2022. They work perfectly for all sorts of industries including real estate, marketing, sales, and networking. It saves a lot on paper card production costs and makes your business efficient and manageable.

These are the benefits of virtual business cards. If you plan to shift to vCard, visit to get yours now for free.

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