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Why Sustainable Business Card is the Future of Green Marketing

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Business cards have been a staple of business for centuries. They have successfully shaped many big companies. In the past, these cards were the only mean of exchanging contacts. The bleached white, heavy-weight paper with printed or superimposed contact details and credentials. These cards were bulky, static, and bad for the environment. But now, the time has changed, and we have a sustainable business card solution to eliminate traditional cardboard business cards.

Advance technology has provided us with a better and more efficient method of exchanging information.

Virtual Business Cards are the electronic version of business cards stored on mobile phones and computers. Moreover, the accessible and flexible vCard has expanded the business boundaries to every corner of the world and plays a significant role in protecting the environment.

How Bad is Paper Business Card for Environment?

Although paper is recyclable still, the paper’s environmental impact is immense.

Over 7.2 million trees are chopped per year for these small paper rectangles, which is about 42% of the total wood harvest. This leaves a big carbon footprint as trees stores half of the terrestrial carbon. Moreover, around 90% of paper business cards are either misplaced, forgotten, or unintentionally thrown, which produces a massive amount of waste. When a person leaves a job, the previously printed business cards also become useless.

Along with the waste and deforestation, they use a tremendous amount of water and energy to manufacture. According to a rough estimate, 10 liters of water is used to produce just one A-4 paper sheet. The discharged water from paper mills is dissolved with lignin (organic matter eliminated after treating lignocellulose materials), alcohol, cholates, chlorine, and metal compounds which causes soil and water pollution.

The paper industry is the 5th largest energy consumer in the world. It uses almost 4% of the world’s energy. This means 253 gallons of petrol is used to produce 1 ton of virgin paper, which results in a vast amount of carbon emission throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, transportation and waste management also consume a tremendous amount of energy.

When paper rots/decompose in landfills, it emits lethal methane gas and carbon dioxide when burnt.   

These are some ways in which these little paper cards are affecting the environment. They are leaving a huge carbon footprint, consuming a massive amount of the world’s energy, and polluting the Earth.  

How Sustainable Business Card is the Green Solution

Virtual business cards, also referred to as vcard, electronic business cards, and online business cards are sustainable replacements with zero Carbon footprint. The innovative and environmentally friendly share your entire digital print through an app or computer software.

Sustainable business cards are helping the environment nurture and recover from the devastating outcomes of pollution and deforestation. Opting the virtual business card over paper cards significantly reduces the carbon and takes your company into an innovative digital networking revolution.

Paperless digital cards are more interactive and store massive blocks of information than traditional business cards. Including contact details, name, credentials, social media links, business apps, marketing discounts, photos, videos, pdfs, and much more. Clients can also call, text or email directly through the virtual sustainable business card.

Unlike traditional business cards, digital ones are not useless when you leave the job or get promoted. You can effortlessly change all the information through the mobile app or website and it automatically updates the digital cards sent before.

About 90% of paper business cards are either lost or forgotten within the first week. In contrast, sustainable business cards are shared through a link or QR code. The link or code sits in the client’s inbox and gets integrated into their workflow.

This gives you two benefits; firstly, it will not get lost in the wallet. Secondly, you have a better chance of converting the lead into a customer. Moreover, online sharing makes you borderless. That provides you with better remote opportunities to maximize the business potential.  

Virtual business cards are better in every aspect. From harvesting, manufacturing, and transportation to waste management, paper business cards are harming nature with harmful material and gases. On the contrary, virtual business cards protect the environment by preventing deforestation and reducing paper waste.

Zapped: Sustainable Business Card Creator

Zapped: sustainable business card

Zapped is a solid company trying to bring a sustainable green alternative to business cards. It is an online business card maker that lets you create beautifully designed virtual business cards with many exceptional features for free. They play a vital role in shielding the environment against pollution and deforestation. So, click on the link to get your virtual business card for free.


What is an Alternative to Business Cards?

Virtual business cards are a reliable and sustainable alternative to paper business cards. They are convenient, secure, efficient, and have almost zero carbon footprint.

What is a virtual business card?

The virtual business card is the electronic form of a traditional business card. It is shared with our smartphones and computers. Moreover, they have many unique features and store a lot more information than paper business cards

Do virtual business cards really work?

Yes, virtual business cards really work. They have significantly reduced card waste and deforestation in the past couple of years, and results are believed to get better with time.

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