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The business card is a vital part of corporate and professional businesses. The useful piece card has your name and contact details in a single location; if you hand it to someone, you’re most likely to get in a conversation later. But in this digital era, traditional business cards are not that practical; they can display limited data and are not good for the environment. In this post, you will learn about the best app for virtual business card.

Virtual Business Card

Virtual business cards are the solution; it is an electronic business card that can be shared and viewed on cell phones and computers. Digital business card eliminates the need to fill the drawers with business cards as you can share them with a couple of clicks. And potential clients can access it on their iPhones, android mobiles, and computers. Moreover, they can store a lot more information than traditional business cards.

Five Best Virtual Business Card Apps

Creating a virtual business card is not difficult, but finding the best digital business card app for iPhone and Android can be tricky. So, below are the five best apps for virtual business card.

Zapped: Best App for Virtual Business Card

Best Digital Business card app

Zapped is the best virtual business card platform for iPhone, Android, and computers. Simply visit the and create your online business card.

It works on every platform and lets you easily create a virtual business card in less than 5 minutes. The card can be shared via QR code, NFC, and URL and can be viewed on all devices and platforms without any app.

Some highlighting features of Zapped include.

Free: Zapped allows you to have one virtual card for free with all the premium options and features. You can buy affordable Zapped plans for multiple business cards that allow you to create up to 100 business cards.

Real-Time Data Analytics: Zapped monitors customer interaction with your virtual card and provides valuable insights that help you turn leads into customers.

Customization: Zapped has countless backgrounds and 12 themes to provide a friendly and professional experience. Moreover, you can also integrate custom CSS and JavaScript to design it the way you want. Zapped also has options to personalize URLs and QR codes.

Secure: Zapped is a safe and secure virtual card generator. It keeps all your data safe in their databases. To limit access and keep your information safe from a third party, you can enable password protection.

Haystack App

App Virtual Business Card

With over 8 million users across 60 countries, Haystack is one of the widest spread virtual card creator apps. The company was founded in 2014, and since then, they have been generating efficient and quality business cards to help marketers develop connections and boost sales.

Some highlighting features of Haystack include.

Privacy and Security: A business card has some essential data, and keeping it safe is vital. Haystack keeps them safe in their secure database.

App Integrations: Haystack can integrate hundreds of business and social apps. Like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Slack, etc. Moreover, you can also connect marketing automation tools and mail apps.

App for Virtual Business card is a perfect digital business card app for freelancers and entrepreneurs. It lets you create an entire webpage to grow your audience and clients. has simple and professional templates where you can integrate a lot of your data and add a call to action (CTA) to contact and schedule an appointment directly.

Some highlighting features of include.

Spotlight Buttons: Spotlight buttons are a unique feature with which you can integrate CTAs, appointment scheduling, and much more.

Connect Domain: Another great feature of is the custom domain connection. If you have a unique domain of your own or business name, you can use it as the address for the virtual business card.

Clinck: Digital Business Card App Free

Digital Business card app free

Clinck is a free digital business card app for both iOS and Android. It lets you easily store, create and send a business card to turn leads into clients. Clinck does not have a lot of features, and you cannot integrate much information. But it is an excellent option for small businesses and freelancers to share their contact information easily.

The highlighting features of Clinck include.

No App Required to view the Virtual Card: Many other cards need an app to view the virtual business card. But Clinck is a free app where you can set up a business card, and end-users can view it without downloading the app.

Free: Clinck is entirely free to use. Everyone can download and use it to create their professional virtual business cards.

Switch It

App for virtual business card

Switch It is another powerful and easy-to-use digital business card generator app. It also has both free and premium plans in which you have all the essential features and options that you need in an excellent virtual business card.

The highlighting features of Switch It includes.

Follow-up Reminders: It is an exceptional and valuable feature; the card creates reminders and makes sure to remind you of the meeting on a set date and time.

Smart Contact Management: Switch It allows you to message and call through the app. Moreover, you can add new contacts, edit existing and add personalized notes to contacts.

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