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How to Generate vCard QR Code?

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Business cards are made to represent a person; they portray their professional affiliation and contact details. The rising technology has transformed the traditional business card into a vCard or virtual card that users can share with a QR code and URL.

QR code is an effective way to represent yourself. The corporate vCards are great for marketing and networking personnel. It allows them to effectively present themselves in meetings, gatherings, and corporate events.

Moreover, the user can add quite more information than a traditional business card.


What is vCard

vCard is basically an electronic business card displayed on mobile screens with a QR code scan (mostly). There are other means like NFC and URL, but the QR is the most efficient and convenient.

You can add loads of data on a single card, including contact details, address, social media links, picture, email, and much more.


Zapped is an efficient vCard service provider. That allow you to easily create a beautiful vCard in less than 5 minutes. They have multiple affordable plans and a free lifetime plan which is quite beneficial for freelancers working alone.

Zapped offers tons of customization options. You can choose from 12 different layouts and countless backgrounds to reflect your style to the customers. Moreover, you can animate and add unique graphics with custom CSS and JavaScript.

Professionals from every field can use Zapped to create virtual business cards. It allows you to embed everything from basic contact details and personal information to your portfolios, social media, and payment options.

Zapped is an excellent option for marketing professionals; they can integrate their social media marketing campaigns and can provide discount codes and vouchers for an interactive customer experience.

Zapped tracks where your vCard is more popular and provide beneficial insights to enhance one’s marketing campaigns. The card stores valuable statistics and data to increase conversion rates at a fairly lower cost. All the data is accessible in the custom dashboard, where cardholders can review customer interaction with the vCard.

Zapped allows you to share a vCard with URL, NFC, and QR code.

How does Zapped vCard QR code Generator Free works?

Zapped offers free vCard. In the free plan, users can custom design their QR code with the company’s logo, photos, colors, and styles.

The process is pretty simple if you already have a Zapped vCard. But if you are a new user, then you will have to make a vCard first.

Creating Zapped vCard

Follow these easy steps to create a vCard.

  • Open and select the desired plan.

  • Upon selecting the website will ask you to register. Register with your name, email, and password.

  • After registration, the website will take you to the dashboard. Click on the vCard option and then click on “Create vCard”.

  • Now add your name, short description, and click create.

  • Upon clicking, you will move to the customization tab. There you can add more like contact details, business information, and all the information you want on your card. Moreover, you can add background, logo, images, change colors, add new styles, change fonts, and much more with just a few clicks.
  • After personalizing the card, click update, and you have a new vCard that represents you and your style.

Generating QR Code for vCard

Now you have a solid vCard; then it’s time to share it with a QR code. Generating QR codes is pretty straightforward.

Here are easy steps to make a custom QR code.

  1. Move to the vCard tab and click on the three dots on the right end of the vCard table.
  2. You will see some options; click on “QR Code.”

  1. The code will be auto-generated with all the information. The only thing you have to do is customization. Select QR code style, add text or image in the center, and change background and foreground colors according to your taste.
  2. After styling the code, you can download it and print it on your physical cards.

vCards are an innovative and dynamic way to represent yourself. Whether you are a job seeker or a business owner, the vCard makes lives easier. Moreover, it helps the environment by reducing paper waste and paper demand.

Should you get a vCard with a QR code?

Yes, it is an efficient and modern way to present your business cards.

Zapped is an exceptional vCard service provider offering heaps of valuable features and options for free. Head to to get your modern and handy business card.

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