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Creative Ways to Use QR code for Marketing


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In this modern and technological era, people are using mobile phones and computers more than ever. Users want to access and transfer information quickly across the channels, and one thing helping in this cause is QR codes in different forms like QR code business card, promotional QR codes, etc.

QR stands for “Quick Repones”; it is a 2D barcode that smartphones can scan. Once scanned, it will show the consequent information, such as a video, mobile app, menu, link to a website, etc.

The use of QR codes has significantly increased in the past couple of years. Marketers are printing them on billboards, magazines, web pages, and other marketing materials. QR codes are a reliable marketing tool, it promotes interaction and engagement with mobile phones and enables customers to quickly access information.

Many businesses have found innovative and unique ways to get people to scan the code and boost brand awareness.

Creative Ways Marketers are using QR codes

You can take advantage of the rising trend to increase brand awareness, boost sales and gain new customers.

Here are some creative ways to use QR codes for marketing.

Promotions and Discounts

To encourage current and new customers to get more involved with the company and buy your services and products, you can add promotions and discounts on QR codes. If you have a social or blog website, add a QR code in the weekly newsletter and offer some discount on the following fee. Or make them a part of some new ventures.

Similarly, business and stores owners can integrate discounts on QR codes. They can paste them outside their shop and put them on their social media and websites to encourage people to visit their shop. Social media sharing also brings new clients. Moreover, brands can also use QR code passes for an event. It allows the customer to visit and enjoy the event conveniently.

Giveaways are another successful way of using QR codes for marketing.

QR Code Business Card

QR code business card

Virtual business card with QR codes is a new trend that marketers use to provide a ton of information in a single scan. Either they use a cardboard business card with a QR code or use an entirely virtual card to eliminate boundaries.

QR code business card has a lot more information than traditional business cards. Marketers can integrate their company links, marketing campaigns, promotional videos, social media links, and much more. Marketing professionals also add their shop links so the clients can easily access the company’s services and products. Moreover, marketers can also link promotional discounts to encourage loyal customers to purchase more.

QR code business cards will be successful only if you approach a reliable virtual business card and QR code creator. Zapped is an exceptional QR code business card maker that offers both free and premium plans with all the unique and extraordinary features to fit your needs and make your marketing campaign successful.

Download Apps

Many popular apps and games have used QR codes for marketing. In this, the owners incorporate the game link in the QR code. And upon scanning, the code will direct users to the game on Play Store or App Store, from where they can easily install and play the game.

Games like Angry Birds have used QR codes in their marketing campaign.

Sometimes apps use QR codes within the app. The code is there to nurture interaction between the community. Instagram and Snapchat have QR codes. That users can scan to visit each other profiles. QR code integration in the apps and games has been quite fruitful and shows positive results.

QR code for Inventory, Business, and Tracking

The use is for both marketing and business tracking. Companies often put QR codes on packaging and labels. So, the users can scan it to access production specifications and details. Moreover, many brands also integrate their shop location and website link to access their products easily.

These QR codes also help workers access the inventory. They can look for the remaining articles and when and where the particular product was bought. If it is a motor vehicle or equipment, the workers can use it to manage maintenance and servicing requirements.

virtual business card with QR codes

Similarly, in today’s conditions, a physical menu can be a source of disease. So, restaurants use QR codes, which can be scanned to see the menu.

QR code for Communication

Communication is the key to a successful marketing campaign, and QR code helps a lot in this cause. If you are in a meeting with the client, you can ask them to scan the QR code instead of sharing all the information individually. Then the clients will have all your contact details, marketing efforts, and company information.

Marketers also use QR codes for sales, user support, product upgrades, services, etc. They send the code via a message that directs them to user’s support for any complaints and feedback.

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