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Electronic Business Cards: The Future of Networking in the Digital Age


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In today’s digital age, traditional paper business cards are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, many professionals are turning to a digital business card solution, also known as an e-business card, to exchange basic contact information with ease. With a variety of digital business card makers and virtual business card tools available, creating a custom card that includes clickable links, profile pictures, and other online networking features has never been easier.

Digital business card apps and companies offer a range of options, from a simple digital business card generator to a more comprehensive online platform for managing phone contacts and expanding your network. By using a digital format for your business card, you can streamline your networking efforts and make a lasting impression on potential clients and colleagues.

In this guide, we will help you understand what digital business cards are, what their benefits are, and how you can use them to kickstart your networking activities.

What is a Digital Business Card?

Digital business cards are a modern version of traditional paper business cards that are more accessible and easier to exchange. They offer an easier way to exchange information without printing or carrying bulky paper cards. Digital business cards contain added features such as links to social media profiles, websites, and online portfolios. They also include photos or logos that represent your brand identity.

The Benefits of Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards offer several advantages over traditional paper business cards:

Convenience: Digital business cards are more convenient than paper cards since they can be sent via email or message straight away, eliminating the need for carrying physical copies.

Contain all your important information: Digital business cards can contain more information than traditional business cards, such as links to a personal website or blog, social media accounts, and multimedia content.

Cost-effective: Digital business cards are usually affordable compared to physical ones, which need to be printed multiple times over the year if you want them to provide relevant contact information.

Customizable: Digital business cards give you the ability to share all the necessary details of your brand image.

Offer CRM Integrations: Digital business cards provide you with CRM integrations to help you import existing contacts into suitable CRM systems for improving customer interaction.

Eco-friendly: Opting for a more eco-friendly solution allows businesses to keep in contact with potential customers and clients without impacting the environment.

Who Can Use Digital Business Cards?

Digital business cards are not just for entrepreneurs or tech-savvy individuals. They are for anyone who wants to stay connected in today’s digital world and to share their contact information quickly and easily.

Salespeople, business owners, job applicants, entrepreneurs, and real estate agents are just a few examples of those who can benefit from using digital business cards.

How to Create a Digital Business Card?

Creating a digital business card is easy and affordable. Several online platforms offer free templates that allow you to create business cards according to your brand.

Some popular platforms for creating digital business cards are:

  • Canva
  • Adobe Spark
  • Tapni
  • Zapped

How to Use Digital Business Cards

Now that you know what digital business cards are and who can use them, it’s time to learn how to use them effectively.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Choose the Right Platform: There are many platforms available for creating digital business cards. Make sure to choose a platform that suits your needs and provides the necessary features for your business.
  2. Include All Relevant Information: Make sure to include all your relevant contact information, such as your name, job title, email address, phone number, and social media profiles.

You can also add multimedia content like videos or images to make your digital business card stand out.

  1. Customize Your Card: Customizing your card can help it stand out from the rest. Include your brand colors and logo to make it more memorable and eye-catching.

Also, consider adding a call to action or special offer to encourage people to connect with you.

  1. Share Your Card: Once you have created your digital business card, it’s time to share it. You can send it via email or message, post it on your website, or share it on social media platforms.

Make sure to include a link to your digital business card in your email signature or social media profiles to make it easier for people to find and connect with you.

  1. Update Your Card Regularly: Make sure to update your digital business card regularly with any new contact information or changes to your job title or business.

This will ensure that your card is always up-to-date and accurate.

How to Create Digital Business Cards with Zapped

Creating digital business cards with Zapped is a breeze! Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Sign up or Login

To create your digital business card, sign up for a free account on Zapped. If you already have an account, simply log in.

Step 2: Select a Template

Once you have logged in, select the template that best suits your needs from the available options.

Step 3: Add Your Details

After selecting a template, add your company logo, contact details, and any other necessary information. You can also add social media icons and links to your business card.

Step 4: Customize Your Card

If you want to customize your card further, Zapped allows you to upload your own photos and fonts, as well as access more design features.

Step 5: Create a VCard

Once you are happy with your design, create a vCard by clicking on the “Create VCard” button. You can also add a digital version of your business card using QR codes that can be scanned and saved on a smartphone.

Step 6: Save and Share

Finally, save your business card and share the URL with others. You can share your business card via email, social media accounts, or by using a contactless card with NFC-enabled devices.

Zapped also offers a premium plan that comes with more features such as custom domains, pixels, and API access.


There is no doubt that virtual business cards are becoming increasingly popular. Digital card solutions offer a number of advantages over physical business cards, such as reduced printing costs, more customization options, convenience, customization, CRM integrations and the ability to easily include social media links. They are for anyone who wants to stay connected in today’s digital world and to share their contact information quickly and easily.

Moreover, a potential client can quickly and easily save a virtual card to their phone or email messages, making it a more efficient way to network. Some digital card apps even offer additional features such as Business Card Scanner, field communication, and custom URLs. However, some people still prefer the tangible nature of a physical card and the ability to showcase their Business Card Design and color scheme.

Overall, a digital business card platform can complement your networking efforts and make a lasting impression on your contacts. So, it’s time to ditch the traditional paper business cards and embrace the new era of digital business cards.

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