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Features that Every Digital Card App Should Have

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Virtual business cards are taking the industry by a storm. Most big companies are working to reduce paper usage in their offices by going digital. Digital documentation, email, electronic business card, and cloud storage are all vital steps toward a greener future. Moreover, a digital card app is equally important as it provides us the platform to build digital cards.

The Covid has given a solid boost to digital business card production, and many companies have stepped into battle in this competitive market. The variety of options always makes a choice difficult. But fear no more because we are here to help.

We have researched the importance and functionality of digital business cards to find out the crucial features that every digital card app should have.

So, sit tight and read the complete article to find out which is the best digital card app.

Features of a Digital Card App

Easy to Create

Zapped Digital Card app

An office is a combination of highly professional people who thoroughly understand how the computer and software work and others who are not quite familiar with the technology. So, a virtual business card must be easy to create; the digital card app should have well-labeled options with all the necessary options on one page.

Moreover, card creation should not take a lot of time; the users must be able to get their card in less than 10 minutes. Zapped is an exceptional digital business card generator that allows you to build an excellent card in just five minutes. Here is how you can build one in case you are not familiar.

Accessible and Efficient

One of the reasons for shifting to the digital business card was the shareability. The virtual cards open us to the world and enable us to have a client base from every corner of the world. These cards are shared via URL and QR code which can be sent through WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Email, and other chat sharing and social apps. Learn more about how to share a digital business card.

Moreover, they should be easy to access. Some digital card generator asks for their app to be installed in order to view the card, which makes it a bit difficult to access. So, the card should be easy to access and must not need an app to view the information.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Marketing Cost

Social media is the best mean of marketing in this modern era. It has led many startups and small companies to the height of success. That’s why many companies use influencer and social media marketing as their primary weapon. So, digital card apps must be able to integrate social media with business cards.

Some common social media apps include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Tik Tok. Moreover, the integration of business apps like LinkedIn, Google Analytics, etc., is a plus point.

For us Zapped digital card app is the perfect choice to share your social media marketing campaign with a virtual business card. It has the option to integrate almost every social and business app.

Valuable Data Insights

Zapped data analytics

With the evolution of digitalization, data is the king. It holds power to run a successful marketing campaign.

The digital card app should provide real-time data analytics of customers’ interaction with your digital business card. Like which part of the card they visit the most and how they interact with your card.

The useful data act as autopilot market research which helps you build a better marketing strategy and meet business goals.

Tons of Customization

Customization is a vital part of digital business card creation. Every business person needs a separate design to showcase their field of work; the crucial designs can be a deal-breaker in many cases. So, every digital card app must have tons of customization options so that professionals can design the type of card they want.

Some customization options include preset templates, easy to change backgrounds, fonts, and colors. Moreover, custom CSS and JavaScript design are unnecessary, but having them is great.

As mentioned, people from different professions need to have particular design elements that will help them build a functional and beneficial digital business card. If you are confused about the design, then here is a guide to help you choose the right design according to your job.


Price is a crucial factor because everyone is not willing to spend a lot of money on a digital business card. The price should be fair so that businesses of every size can get an efficient digital business card.

Many companies like Zapped and Hi Hello also have a free variant with almost identical features, but you can only get one card for free. Other than that, both of them are quite affordable, and you can have ample digital business cards for the entire corporation at a meager price.

In the end, we will recommend using Zapped digital card app for all of your virtual business card needs. It is affordable and checks all the boxes to be a fantastic virtual business card generator.

So, don’t waste any time and head to Zapped to get your digital business card NOW!

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