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How to share a digital business card?


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Sharing a digital business card depends on how you create them. Every business card creator has different ways. Some common ways to share virtual business cards are QR codes, URLs, NFC tags, and text.

It’s easy to share it via mobile because the average person has all the social and business apps on mobile, which allows them to share the card in just a few clicks. In comparison, every person doesn’t have WhatsApp, Facebook, or LinkedIn on their computers. This makes the process a bit tricky as you will have to connect the apps first, and then you will be able to share the digital business card.

So, if you don’t have all the apps on your computer, it’s better to use a mobile phone to share your virtual business card.

Now the question arises, which is the best digital business card creator. There are many great options like Hi Hello, an affordable business card creator with many unique and great features. Similarly, Mobilo Card and SwitchIt are also excellent; Zapped is the best online digital business card maker. It’s an exceptional service provider with tons of fantastic features and unlimited customization options.

In this article, we will learn how to share your digital business card using Zapped.

Sharing Digital Business Card with Zapped

Before sharing, you should have a virtual business card. Zapped allows you to create an interactive digital business card in just 5 minutes. Here is how you can create a Zapped vCard. The next thing is QR code; it’s necessary as it is one of the ways to share business cards. So, here is how you can generate a vCard QR Code.

Now you have an exceptional and functional virtual business card, let’s learn how to share the card with your clients.

QR Code

QR code is the most efficient and professional way to share a business card. You can send it as a picture from your virtual card and your Zapped dashboard. Moreover, Zapped also allows you to customize the QR code with an image, brand logo, or name in the center to give it a personalized touch.

Here is how you can share your Zapped business card with a QR code.

Sharing digital business card with QR code
  • After making your vCard, head to the Zapped dashboard. Click on the three dots in the last column of your vCard.
  • It will open a pop-up window and click on the QR code. Clicking it will take you to the QR code generator.
Sharing digital business card with QR code
  • Under the QR code, you will see options to Print and Download QR codes. Printing it will print the QR code or provide a PDF copy. And downloading will give you a JPG of the QR code. Both PDF and picture can be shared via social media and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp.


URL is the second mean of sharing a digital business card. In this, you will copy and paste the card’s URL into the client’s chat. It’s easy, convenient, and can be personalized with yours or company’s name.

You will see the URL on almost every page you go on the Zapped dashboard.

Sharing digital business card with URL

Here it is on the main dashboard.

On Edit vCard Page.

QR Generator Page.

Sharing it Directly from Digital Business Card

This is another way to share your digital business card with a QR code and URL.

  • Open your vCard on your mobile phone or computer.
Sharing digital business card from business card
  • Upon opening, you will see two buttons, “Share” and “VCard,” on the bottom.
  • Click Share; it will open this small window. There you will see multiple social media sharing options. Click on any of them to share it through the subsequent app.
  • Or you can just copy the vCard link to share it with clients.

Clicking on VCard will download the VCF file to your computer or mobile phone.

The file has all the digital business card details. The VCF file will automatically import the contact details into the client’s phone or cloud storage.

It is a convenient and efficient method as all the information is automatically stored in the right place.


Near Field Communication cards are physical cards embedded with a microchip. They are pretty much like a credit card, except it has your business information instead of cash.

Any mobile phone or smartwatch with NFC can scan to access the digital business card.

These are the finest methods to share your digital business card efficiently. The article defines each method with easy steps to transfer your Zapped business card.

Zapped is a reliable business card creator for marketers, networking, and tech-forward professionals to keep themselves one step ahead of the evolving world. It has all the options for you to provide customers with a pleasant, fast and easy way to receive information. Moreover, it gives valuable insights into customer interaction which help you design a better marketing strategy.

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