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In recent years, businesses and influencers have increasingly used bio link tools as a business card alternative. These tools allow them to create a simple page with all of their relevant links in one place. Two of the most popular bio link tools are and Linktree. and Linktree are both popular platforms that allow users to create a single link that houses multiple links to their online profiles and content platforms across various social media networks. These platforms provide content creators with the ultimate flexibility to share measurable links with their audiences, and schedule links in advance to optimize their social media posts.

In this article, we will compare the features of each tool and explore which is better suited for businesses.

Overview of is a free bio link tool that has become popular in recent years. The platform has an app marketplace that allows users to enhance their bio link page. The Tipjar app, for instance, enables users to collect donations from followers when they add it to their page.

How Does Work?

Upon signing up for, you are taken to the main dashboard, which guides you through setting up your page. You can add various elements such as links, text, images, and videos by clicking on the “Add Item” button. It is easy to add and reorder elements, but it can be inconvenient to see how the page looks in real-time. has a limited number of theme options, but users can also create their own themes from scratch. also has an app store where users can download apps for their page. The Spotify app, for instance, allows users to add a special link to a Spotify playlist, while the Buy Me A Coffee app enables followers to support the user by paying a small tip.

The platform also offers basic statistics on the performance of the bio link page, including the number of views, clicks, click-through rate, and where visitors are located. Lastly, allows users to follow other users and even has a messaging feature.

Overview of Linktree

Linktree is a leading bio link tool with over 18 million users. It was one of the first companies to provide a solution to the one-link limitation for Instagram bios. Today, it is the most popular bio link tool, with regular updates and new features that make it one of the most effective tools.

How Does Linktree Work?

Upon signing up for Linktree, you are taken to the dashboard, where you can add unlimited links of different types, such as music links, video links, store links, form links, support me links, and request links.

Linktree Pro subscribers have access to additional link types, such as leap links, priority links, schedule links, and gated links. Linktree also allows users to add thumbnails or icons to their links and view analytics for each link displayed.

After adding the links of their choice, users can move on to the appearance tab to customize the design for their landing page. They can add their profile picture and bio text and choose from a few themes that come with the free plan.

Linktree Pro users have access to many more designs, each with a different color scheme and button shape. Users can configure settings in the settings tab, such as mailing list integrations, ecommerce integrations, and social icons. Lastly, Linktree provides analytics on the performance of the bio link page. vs Linktree: Which is Better for Businesses? and Linktree have several similarities, but they differ in several key areas that make one more suitable than the other for businesses. Here are some factors to consider:


  • is completely free, whereas Linktree has both free and paid versions.
  • The free version of Linktree has basic features, while the paid version, Linktree Pro, offers additional features.


  • allows users to add different elements to their page and create their own themes from scratch. However, the number of themes available is limited.
  • In contrast, Linktree offers many more design options, especially for Linktree Pro users.


  • and Linktree both offer app integrations that allow users to add functionality to their bio link pages. has a smaller app store than Linktree, but it still offers a variety of useful apps, such as Tipjar and Spotify.
  • Linktree has a larger app store with many more integrations, including email marketing, ecommerce, and scheduling apps. Linktree Pro users have access to even more integrations than free users.


Both and Linktree provide basic analytics on the performance of the bio link page.

  • provides information on the number of views, clicks, click-through rate, and visitor location.
  • Linktree offers more in-depth analytics, including click tracking, link tracking, and traffic sources. Linktree Pro users have access to even more advanced analytics.

Ease of Use

Both and Linktree have user-friendly interfaces that make it easy to create and manage a bio link page. However, can be slightly less intuitive than Linktree, especially when it comes to previewing changes in real-time.

Other Advantages

One advantage of is the option for users to use their custom domain, giving them greater control over their online presence. Linktree, on the other hand, offers direct mail functionality, which allows users to send their bio landing page to their email contacts, expanding their reach beyond social media.

Both and Linktree provide valuable solutions for content creators who are looking to streamline their social media presence and make it easier for their audience to access their content. Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms will depend on each user’s unique needs and preferences.

Overall, the choice between and Linktree comes down to the specific needs of a business. is a good option for businesses that are looking for a free tool with basic features and a smaller app store. It is also a good choice for businesses that want to have more control over the design of their bio link page. On the other hand, Linktree is a better option for businesses that are willing to invest in a paid plan for more advanced features and integrations. It is also a good choice for businesses that want to track their analytics in-depth and have access to a larger app store.


Both and Linktree are bio tool link management platforms that allow businesses to enhance their digital presence by creating a custom landing page that consolidates their social media links in one place.

While allows users to add unlimited links, Linktree limits free users to 3-7 links per bio link landing page. Both platforms offer detailed analytics that provide analytical insights into link clicks, social media presence, and customer behavior. Linktree Pro offers extra features such as a custom background image, social links, affiliate links, and a custom URL, making it a comprehensive marketing tool. Additionally, businesses can promote their bio link page through email signatures, QR codes, and social media profiles, making it an effective marketing platform for happy customers.

By considering the pricing, customization options, app integrations, analytics, and ease of use, businesses can choose the tool that best suits their needs.

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