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Digital Email Signature: Everything You Need to Know


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The digital email signature is a new thing that people mention at the end of an email. The signature consists of 3 to 4 lines commonly comprising of sender’s name, contact detail, address, and a headshot.

The small addition is vital to leave a lasting impression on a client, lead, or potential customer. Moreover, the powerful impression nurtures the brand’s awareness, promotes a strong relationship, and ensures business success.

Let’s deep dive into the importance of digital email signatures and how you can design and use them to end your email professionally. But first, what is a digital email signature.

Digital Email Signature

It is a block of information made of text, images, and links that appears at the end of a professional email. A standard digital email signature looks like a paper business card. It has your name, designation, contact details, website link, company name, and a headshot (optional but having one is better).

Importance of Digital Email Signature

Every time you send a professional email to customers and leads, it is an opportunity to send some extra information. The additional information in the form of a digital email signature adds a personalized and professional touch and creates a positive impression of your brand.

Better Branding

Branding a company makes it more memorable and easier to recognize in the industry. The email signature is an excellent marketing tool. More than 50% of businesses use email signatures to brand their company.  

The digital email signature has the brand’s logo and is made according to its design aesthetics. A good design stays in the customer’s mind for a long time. So, whenever a familiar logo comes, people immediately recognize it and choose it over others.

Professional and Personalized Touch

A professional email increases the customer’s trust in the brand. It is an essential element, and digital email signatures are the right thing for the job.

Personal name and contact information increase the customer’s trust and add a sense of legitimacy.

Traffic and Lead Generation

According to research, email marketing is the best method of generating leads and turning leads into customers. Email marketing is already quite fruitful, and digital email signatures are a cherry on top. The personal information and CTAs to the website and marketing campaign enrich the email’s functionality and allow you to score better clients.

Must have Elements in a Digital Email Signature

Digital Email Signature

These are the elements that you must add to your digital email signature.

Sign Off

Sign off is a word or phrase the people use to send the email. Some common sign-off words are best wishes, regards, looking forward to your response etc.

Marketers use the word at the end of email, and some add sign-off on top of the digital email signature. Both of them are useful and do exactly the same job.

Contact Information

In addition to the usual name, company name, and designation, you should add some contact information. As the primary purpose of an email signature is to provide contact details. Many people also add their email signature, which is unnecessary because if you are sending an email, they already have yours.

The best practice is to add a personal contact number for communication other than email.


Branding is essential to make your company recognizable, and we have talked about that earlier. That’s why it is vital to use the company’s design science for your digital email signature.

Never forget to add the brand’s logo and keep the color scheme similar to the company’s branding. Lastly, use similar font as used in the company’s branding. The sound design of email signature makes the brand fairly catchy and unforgettable.

Call to Action aka CTA

Call to action is a great driving force if you want customers to visit something after reading the email. At the end of your digital email signature, add a link to your website, blog post, or link to a special offer you want the customers to avail of.

The small button increases the chances of customer acquisition and enhances the customer experience.


You should add a professional-looking headshot to your digital email signature. The picture must look professional; you should be in your proper office outfit, with combed hair and in front of a simple background.

These are the things that a digital email signature should have. You can add some social media links, images, or videos, but for us, this much information should be on a digital business card, not digital email signature.

In the end, remember to keep things professional and straightforward to derive the best results. Choose the social media links wisely if you are adding. Avoid adding personal social media accounts and use professional business accounts only. Moreover, optimize the digital email signature for both mobile and desktop. The responsive signatures add value and display complete information on screens of every size.

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