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How To Delete Google Business Account? All You Need To Know

Delete A Google Business Account

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If you’re a business owner and have decided that it’s time to delete your Google My Business account, you’re in for a bit of a process. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through all the steps you need to take to make sure your account is deleted properly. We’ll also share some tips on how to effectively remove your listings before deleting the account. So if you’re ready to say goodbye, keep reading!

Delete A Google Business Account

Remove An Individual Business Profile

The removal of a person from your business account is permanent. If the user wants to log in to your account again, it will demand verification from you for signing in.

You can permanently delete google business accounts from the business profile manager if you no longer want your profile or don’t want to manage your profile. You can also remove a user from the account if he is no longer in your business.

  • Log in to your Google business account to remove the user’s profile.
  • Go to the user’s option and click the cross option.
  • Then it will verify for deleting the report, click delete account, and the user will not be able to access your account anymore.

Removing Multiple Profiles

If you want to remove multiple profiles from Google my Business account, sign in to your Business account and make sure that you have logged in with the account you have used to sign up for your business.

  • From the home page, select the profiles that you want to remove.
  • On the right side, you’ll see the option of Action.
  • From there, you can remove all business profiles from remove businesses.

Sometimes an error appears while removing the profiles; then, at that point, you should remove them individually.

Removing Business Account From Maps

You can request to have your business account removed from maps. But the request will be accepted in some cases if the business account has never existed or has a wrong address if existed.

If you are not managing your business account and want to delete your google my business account, you can request to delete the business through Google Maps.

  • Go to Google Maps on the device.
  • Make sure that you use the same account you used for signing up for a business account.
  • From the maps, click on the business you ought to remove.
  • Click on suggest an edit from the left corner.
  • Click remove or close the business option.
  • Follow the screen instructions, and then the review team will check your process and will respond to delete the google my business account permanently.

Updating Business Address

Sometimes, business moves from one address to another, and people delete the Google my business account from that address and make a new account. So rather than deleting the business account, you can also update the location of your existing business.

You can also post the opening date of your new address after updating your address. Also, suppose you don’t have the ownership. In that case, you cannot change the address or remove a member from your business account, request for membership from the owner, or google business listing. After getting the ownership, you can change the address and make other minor changes to your business account.

Deleting Google Business Listing

A Google Business Profile listing delivers your potential clients with your contact details that let them locate you. When Google mistakes your customers or delivers them with the wrong data, you can think of deleting or shutting your listings. Closing business is also an excuse why individuals delete the accounts.

How To Delete A Google Business Profile Listing?

A Google Business Profile account can have many business listings, so you must clear the one that does not benefit you and delete it.

You can follow a few straightforward steps to remove any listing. Before starting, sign in to your Google Business Profile account from a computer and do the following method:

  • Proceed to Businesses section on the sidebar.
  • Choose the edit option for the business you desire to delete.
  • Next, choose the “Mark as permanently closed” option to notify Google that the company is now closed.
  • Next, choose “Close Business”.
  • When you shut your business on Google, you can choose the “remove listing” choice from your account to delete it.
Google Business Profile Listing

How To Delete Numerous Business Listings?

The above process devotes to when you want to remove one listing. But you have the opportunity to close or terminate numerous business listings at one time. You can observe the next stages:

  • Go to the main page with the business listings and mark the checkboxes for each business you desire to delete.
  • Choose the option “Actions” that you can notice at the top of the list.
  • It will deliver you a dropdown menu. You can prefer to close all the businesses permanently or remove them from your business listings.
  • If you decide to eliminate all these business listings, you would successfully clear them from your Google My Business account.

Deleting Business Email Account

While deleting the business, make sure to remove the google business email account from the business listings. Deleting google’s business account will lead to deleting all your reviews and the rankings you have made on google and maps.

Here is the process of deleting the business email account.

  • Go to email on my business account.
  • There you will find the primary email you have entered while setting up or managing the email.
  • Remove the primary mail.

Deleting your google business account will lead to the removal of all of your data and ads account too. You’ll not receive any type of information from google analytics and all of your contact information will be gone in no time.


Why Can’t I Delete My Google Business?

Google has a vast range of services, so it’s likely that you’re signed up for one or more than one of them. If you’re logged in for Google Maps, YouTube, or google+, for example, then the information of your account will be saved in those benefits. You can permanently delete these accounts individually if you want to.

Will Deleting Google’s Business Account Delete Reviews?

Yes. permanently deleting your Google business account from the three-dot menu icon will delete all of the reviews and rankings and useful information you have left on Google Maps and other places on the internet.

How Do I Get My Membership Off A Business?

If you possess a business, you’ll require to buy out the other companion or sell your claim to the company. If you’re a worker, you’ll need to leave and give a warning.

How Do I Remove My Phone Number?

You can clear your phone number from Google by dismissing it from your Google My Business account. Log in to your GMB account and select the “Edit” menu. From there, you’ll be capable to clear your phone number, website URL, or email address.


So, if you want to delete your Google Business account, we hope this article has helped make the process clear and concise. Keep in mind that all of your business information will be removed as well, so take care in making sure that everything is backed up before deleting your account. If you have any questions or concerns about the deletion process, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

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