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In today’s digital age, electronic business cards or virtual business cards have become increasingly popular. It’s essential to have a professional-looking business card that showcases your contact information, including your email address, social media profiles, and handles. Unlike traditional paper business cards, e-business cards allow you to share multimedia content such as video, affiliate links, and payment apps.

With a virtual business card app or digital business card creation platform, you can easily create custom cards and access basic and core features like basic analytics, views by location, and API access. Whether you choose a basic plan or professional plans, a digital business card provider can help you design and share the best-performing cards at scale.

In contrast to traditional card shares, digital business card data can provide a more in-depth digital business card experience for your potential clients. Overall, if you’re looking for a perfect choice for your business, a digital business card company may be the way to go. Among the various digital business card creators available in the market, Zapped is one of the most popular options.

In this article, we will discuss why Zapped is the best business card creator and what features make it stand out from its competitors.

Overview of Electronic Business Cards

Electronic business cards are a digital alternative to traditional business cards that allow users to share their contact information in a more efficient and convenient way.

These cards can be shared through mobile devices or computers and can include various types of information beyond basic contact details, such as links to business apps, portfolios, promotional videos, and more. Additionally, digital business cards are cost-effective and offer contactless sharing, making them a safer option in today’s pandemic situation.

What is Zapped?

Zapped is an online business card creator platform that allows users to create a virtual business card in less than 5 minutes. Zapped is the ultimate digital business card solution that offers users a range of digital card options. With Zapped, you can create an unlimited number of cards and customize them to your liking using their advanced card design tools and card templates.

This digital business card maker also allows you to include additional features like NFC business cards, social media links, and custom URLs to make your card stand out.

It offers both free and premium plans, and users can create up to 100 cards with its premium plan. With its proprietary technology, Zapped transforms the way users interact with their customers and offers features that make it the best business card creator.

Features of Zapped

Actionable Data Analytics

One of the standout features of Zapped is its actionable data analytics. The platform tracks where the business card is most popular and how customers interact with it. These insights help users in their marketing efforts and turn business cards into autopilot market research.

Additionally, pixel tracking allows marketers to rethink their marketing strategy to increase conversion rates. This feature allows users to send leads into the marketing funnel and embed promotional videos and discount coupons to enhance sales.

Whole Package

Zapped offers a whole package of features that can be customized according to the user’s requirements. The platform has 12 preset templates and unlimited backgrounds, ensuring that users get a unique and immersive experience.

Users can also add pictures and the company logo, and they have the option to add custom graphics and CSS and JavaScript styling. The possibilities are endless, and the implementation is simple.

Social Media Integration

Zapped allows users to integrate almost all the social and business apps, including Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The platform also enables users to understand where people follow them by adding tracking pixels or UTM tags to track where the business card is shared. This tracking enables users to run an excellent social media marketing campaign.

Efficient and Convenient

Zapped electronic business card is one of the most efficient and easily shared cards. It can be communicated via URL, text, QR code, and NFC tag. Additionally, users don’t need a proprietary digital business card app to view the card, making it more convenient for the clients. Simply share the link or QR code with the clients, and the business card will open as soon as they click on the link or scan the code.

One of the significant advantages of Zapped’s digital business card platform is that it eliminates the need for paper cards, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. You no longer need to worry about printing and distributing physical business cards; instead, you can quickly share your digital card with potential clients and colleagues via email signature, social media platforms, or at networking events.

Business Card with SEO

Zapped business cards are automatically SEO optimized, which means that clients can organically search for the user through the web, allowing clients to access their business card efficiently. Additionally, users can customize their URL to make it interactive and easier to search.

Easy and Affordable Plans

Moreover, Zapped’s pricing plans are affordable and flexible, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes. You can choose from their free or premium plan and create as many digital versions of your card as you need.

Zapped offers easy and affordable plans that allow users to create up to 100 business cards for just $499 a year. This cost is relatively cheap compared to the average business card expense, which is around $195 per month. Additionally, users can categorize these cards for better organization.


In conclusion, Zapped is the ultimate digital business card platform that offers a range of advanced features and card design options. Whether you’re looking for a smart business card solution or an eco-friendly alternative to physical cards, Zapped has got you covered. With its affordable pricing plans, unlimited cards, and customizable digital business card options, Zapped is the best business card creator in the digital business card market.

With Zapped’s business card scanner, you can easily scan and save contacts to your phone, making networking even more efficient. Overall, Zapped is the best electronic business card creator available in the market, offering users an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution to physical business cards.

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