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The two pandemic years have brought drastic technological change. Meetings went digital, paper documents were replaced with digital formats, smart digital business card replaced traditional cards, and many more similar changes occurred. The immense change was quite difficult for small and medium companies as they don’t have the resources to cope with the digitalization while keeping the customers happy.

But admit it or not, going digital should be your priority; otherwise, you will fall behind your competitors. And coming back to the previous position will be pretty tricky.

The article will take you through the importance of going digital in 2022.


Security Smart Digital Business Card

Digitalization makes data secure. In typical offices, the documents and reports are simply lying on the desk or shoved into the closets and storage rooms. Everyone in the office can see the papers, and any wrong hand on sensitive documents can damage the company. Moreover, any natural disaster or fire can wipe the whole company’s history in seconds.

Digitally the data is exceptionally safe and can be stored in multiple locations. Digital documents are stored on computers, and they can be made safe with passwords and biometric solutions. Along with a computer, you can keep the data on cloud storage. Cloud storage is safe and convenient. It enables you to access data on any device and from anywhere and makes it easier to share with your colleagues.

Cost Savings

Digital transformation is slightly difficult to implement. If it’s done wrong, the cost can get a lot higher, and a business can lose money. While the correct implementation, after identifying your unique needs and with good searching, you can significantly reduce your operation cost. For example, a smart digital business card costs around 10$ a month, and you can even get them for free. At the same time, paper business cards cost around 100$ a month, which is quite extravagant. Moreover, the tools for automation and analytics make the business process 50% efficient.

Another thing about digital transition is it should be done slowly. The sudden and large-scale transformation will make employees clueless, and they will be unable to cope with digitalization. So, the change must be in phases, and the staff must be properly trained. So they can understand the new technology, work efficiently and increase revenue.

Competitive Advantage

Digitalization opens many doors to business growth. Modern technology and marketing tools perform automatic research to provide valuable insights and data. You can use this data to choose a better niche and product. Moreover, these reports allow us to identify product demographics and the psychology of the customers. This enables you to formulate an exceptional marketing strategy that suits your audience’s preferences and products.

Digital tools also let you compare your statistics and strategies with competitors.

They also enhance your online presence, which is key in this digital era. It connects you to your audience, and in general, people are leaner towards companies with an active social media page and website.

Data Collection

Data is the key to having a better and more effective business in today’s world. Physically data collection is quite painful and time-consuming. You cannot ask every coming customer to fill a Performa, and then the team will sit and individually analyze each form to understand customer liking.

With digital tools, you can easily collect data about the customer’s interests and psyche. That will help you build a general customer persona that you will target.

In addition, digital tools also provide information about how customers interact with your website. Like on which page they are spending the most time, which content they love the most etc. This little detail can help us develop an efficient content and marketing strategy. In which we build content according to the audience preferences.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable


Clean and green is the slogan of every emerging company. Everyone is trying to reduce the use of natural products like wood, oil, and fossil fuels. To lower the environmental impact and minimize the carbon footprint.

Digitalization in every office aspect brings sustainable and green solutions to unique problems. Approximately 68 million trees are cut each year to produce paper products, and a vast proportion goes to waste. So sustainable digital documentation and smart digital business cards significantly reduce wood usage. The green solutions save the environment and reduce operating costs.  

Better Customer Interaction

Digitalization provides a personalized experience to a diverse group of people. It is hard to establish a strong connection with every customer.

Digitalization has made the process relatively easier. With social media, you can answer questions of your customer sitting in another corner of the Earth. Similarly, you can entertain the needs of a diverse group.

Other benefits of digital transformation can be rapid data transfer, efficient business operation, better decision making, productive employees, and much more. So, if you are thinking about when is the right time to digital. It’s NOW! Start your transition towards digitalization to efficiently compete against big competitors.

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