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Which Is the Best E-business Card App and Why?

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From banking to medicine, the whole business community is going digital, and the need to replace traditional business cards with e-business cards is indispensable. A business card has your name, contact information, and all relevant business details to act as a staple between you and your professional circle. Traditional or paper business cards are often lost in the pockets, so even if someone is interested in your company, he may not be able to reach you. That’s why it’s essential to have a digital business card, and an e-business card app is quite helpful for this purpose.

In today’s tech-savvy world, many apps are available to design, customize, store, and share e-business cards. Let’s take a look at the best e-business card apps.

Top E-business cards makers

Creating and managing e-business cards is convenient if you are aware of the right app. So here are the top 4 e-business card apps.

Zapped: Best app for creating e-business card

Best e-business card app

Zapped is a well-known name for creating stylish and modern virtual business cards. Zapped is currently the best available e-business card app because of its distinctive features and ease of use. With Zapped, one can create a digital business card in less than five minutes.

Zapped provides its services on iPhone, Android, and computers. Just visit zapped website on any of these platforms and create your e-business card. Use all the premium features and design one e-card for free to know better about the app. With zapped, it’s become easier to create up to 100 business cards in a short amount of time. Purchase affordable plans available at zapped and enjoy the premium features.

Why choose zapped?

  • Following are some advanced and distinct features that make zapped superior to others.
  • One e-card is for free, and then you can create multiple e-cards, up to 100, at an economical price.
  • Sharing of e-business cards can be carried out even without the app. QR code, NFC, and URL are some ways to share e-cards.
  • Zapped is ahead of time by providing real-time data analytics. Zapped analyzes customer’s interactivity with your e-cards and gives perception about your target audience.
  • Enable customization by providing numerous background and 12 theme options.
  • Zapped features custom CSS and JavaScript styling.
  • Zapped provides SEO-optimized business cards so clients can find you through the Google search also.
  • Connecting your e-business card with your website can be done using a custom URL and domain.
  • Provide safe and secure virtual business cards and protect all of your data.
  • Zapped e-business cards are the right fit for business people, including marketers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. e-business card app is a great app to transform your traditional business card into a digital marketing channel. With, you can even add video content and links to your website and social media profile to your e-business card. is a perfect app to design branded business cards for your company. The best feature of this app is that if you are a freelancer, network marketer, or someone who works alone, then you can create your e-business card for free. Pricing starts at €.4.30/month for up to 10 users in case you are an entrepreneur.

Why choose

  • Here are some highlights of
  • Business cards can be incorporated with video.
  • Communication channel between you and your colleagues.
  • Customizable templates for business cards.
  • Protect your data and prevent you from phishing.
  • Can store up to 500 received cards.
  • Features SSO – Single sign-on
  • virtual business card creating app is best suited for freelancers, marketers, and small businesses.


camcard e-business card app

Third, on our list, CamCard is the best when you have a really captivating traditional business card, and you don’t want to change it. With CamCard, you can scan your paper business card and convert it into an e-business card. It can scan and store all of your paper cards in an app to help you remain more organized. You can exchange and manage both electronic and paper cards.

CamCard allows you to manage all your contacts in one place. You can also add notations to cards, set reminders about specific ones, and tag the special card of interest. Using CamCard can keep your professional circle more precise and your network more productive.

Why choose CamCard?

  • CamCard provides the following benefits:
  • Can read cards accurately in 16 different languages.
  • Features batch scan feature.
  • Give notification when your contact joins a new company.
  • Exchanging e-cards becomes feasible.
  • Synchronize cards across all devices.
  • CamCard is a perfect fit for a professional looking for a way to manage their digital business cards.


HiHello E-Business card app

HiHello allows you to create and share e-business cards free of cost. You can design an e-card and share it with anyone, even if that person is not the app user. With this app, you can either design a new virtual business card or convert the old paper ones into digital ones.

Why choose HiHello?

  • Easy to use templates
  • Ability to share and view business cards without the app.
  • Great paper business card scanner.
  • HiHello is the best fit for new entrepreneurs.

With an e-business card, you no longer need to rummage through your drawers and purses to find a business card. Use the e-business card app and organize things easily.

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