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Popl Vs Dot | In-Depth Comparison

popl vs dot

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Dot and Popl are two of the most popular smart business card providers. They offer many features and benefits to help you make the most of your business cards. But which one is right for you?

In this ultimate guide, we’ll compare Dot and Popl smart business cards side-by-side, so you can decide which one is best for your needs. We’ll cover everything from pricing to features to customer support, so you can decide which provider is right for you.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Popl?

Popl is a digital business card for companies and individuals. A smart NFC sticker-Tag helps share contact info, Social media, payment, Apps, and many more.

Share your details with a single touch of a button without any need for an app. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, it does not matter for running popl. It is compatible with both. You can quickly turn the people you meet into your customers with the help of a popl digital business card.

The most dominant features of Popl are as follows:

1. Generate More Leads

With the help of popular digital business cards, you can generate almost 300%  more leads in less time without giving yourself a long list of onboarding todos. The team also helps you create members from a CSV file or create digital cards from scratch. By generating 300% more leads, you can also view, manage, and export team-wide leads with a single central contact book.

2. Team And Device Management:

Popl team helps anyone with a digital business card, making it easy to manage every team member with templates, subteams, duplication, and bulk edits. As teammates leave or rejoin, reassigning and deactivating is also the responsibility of the popl team. This way, flexibility remains stable because it is the key to your evolving business.

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3. Powerful Integration

For Popl digital business card holders, there is another benefit to enjoy. Popl has the most customizable integration for CRMs connections as a leading marketer. Moreover, the HR platforms and marketing flow toward the pop. You just have to turn on Auto Sync quickly to send leads to any CRM. You can explore more than 4000 integrations with the Zapier app.

What is Dot?

Another best digital business card on our list is Dot. Dot is a smart business card suitable for people who want to make a great first impression compared to paper cards. You can instantly share your contact info with Dot, including LinkedIn, phone numbers, Email, and Website. Share all your social account info in a single tap or via QR codes.

If you are using a Dot smart or business card, you don’t need to use any other app for receiving and sharing. Moreover, this card is compatible with all smartphones for both iOS and Android devices.

The dominant features of Dot digital business cards are:

1. Information Sharing

With the help of the dot’s digital business card, you can elevate your networking experience. Replace the old-schooled paper business cards with Dot digital business card and get unlimited benefits. Share your details and information on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Website, or Email within no time.

2. Share Payment Details

Now you don’t have to stand in a long queue outside the bank because this is the era of digital cards. With the help of Dot, you can share or collect payments in a convenient way and with a single touch of a button. You can share your PayPal, Venmo, or any other Cash app with just a single tap.

popl vs dot

3. Share Social Sites

Dot digital business cards help you connect with new people. You can contact a new colleague, a friend, or a follower with a single tap by sharing all your accounts.

4. Unlimited Taps

When you purchase a Dot device once, you can skip monthly fees and enjoy seamless connections.

5. No App Needed

As we have mentioned, if you use a Dot digital business card, you don’t have to install any other app for sharing and receiving. Neither you nor the one, on the other hand, do not need to install any app. Dot profiles can be seen on any device, whether iOS or Android, because they are compatible with both.

Comparison Between Popl Vs. Dot

Popl and Dot are both high-end digital business cards. However, they are slightly different from each other. In Popl, you don’t get the option to customize your business cards. Customization is available, but it’s a wholesale option. If you want to bulk order, then Popl isn’t for you. The best reason for purchasing it is its price. Also suitable for those who wish to buy multiple cards and give them to their employees.

Whereas, Dots allow you to contact your friends and followers with a single account on LinkedIn, through a website, or by Email. Moreover, Dot supports all devices and is compatible with iOS and Android. You don’t require any extra app for sharing and receiving your details. After a one-time purchase, you can enjoy it seamlessly without any monthly payments. Also, share your payment details with a single touch of a button with Dot.

Popl and Dot, both digital cards, are helpful for individuals and teams. These cards will help you conveniently share and collect your information with a single tap using NFC technology or QR code. They are affordable yet valuable to generate more leads and get more customers.

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