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Where Does E-business Card Work the Best?

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The past few years have completely changed the perspective of people on how to handle things. With everything going digital, people now prefer digitalized things over traditional ones. Digital media has become a vital part of every aspect of day-to-day life. The traditional stuff like newspapers and magazines vanish from sight. The same is the case with paper business cards. Although paper business card managed to hang out more than expected, now is the time to replace it with e-business card.

E-business cards are becoming increasingly popular because of their undeniable benefits. E-business cards make networking more seamless, and they are easy to share. Most importantly, e-business cards save the paper as they are less wasteful than traditional paper cards. As their popularity is growing, many people still don’t know what e-business cards are and where they work best. So here is a guide to make things clear and accessible.

What is an e-business card?

e-business card

An e-business card, aka digital business card or VCard, is a computer or mobile-based file with your name, contact information, relevant text, and apposite multimedia. An e-business card can be shared electronically among devices. You can also compile and manage e-business cards of your partners on your mobile without having to deal with the piles of papers.

It’s not necessary to design an e-business card separately. You can also scan your traditional business card and make a digital version. But an e-business card is much more than just a static image. So let’s find out where e-business cards work the best.

Places where e-business cards work the best

Although the world has been going digital for quite a few years now but for the past two years, due to crises all over the world, there has been a massive push to make all things digital. Everything is now digitalized, and so are the business cards. If you don’t know much about technology, then this guide will be helpful for your business. If you have created an e-business card but now don’t know how and where to use them, then don’t worry; we have covered it for you.

To be honest, you can use an e-business card anywhere you want to use it. Let it be person to person or person to the massive business community. That’s the unique and different thing about e-business cards compared to analog paper cards. To share your e-business card with your colleagues, clients, or potential clients, you don’t need to be present in the same airspace with them. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot use them if you are in eyeshot. You can still use them because of their environmentally friendly feature.

Here are some of the most anticipated places to use e-business cards.

Online Meetings

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Online meetings were most popular amid the corona crisis when the world was under lockdown. E-business cards can be shared with your colleagues, customers, job interviewees, or business partners during an online meeting. Even if you are far from the place where the conference is occurring, or you are in a meeting from home, you can still share your e-business card with your fellows.

Virtual Networking Events

Virtual networking events like seminars and summits are great platforms to use your e-business cards. Don’t just swap LinkedIn accounts or use email to share your e-business card only to get lost in the shuffle. Instead, make a personal connection via your e-business cards at various virtual networking events.

Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are exhibitions where entrepreneurs from various industries promote their businesses and services. E-business cards are of great importance in such fairs. Just make your e-business card QR code accessible so anyone can scan it and get your business card. Having e-business cards at trade fairs also eliminate the hustle of sharing paper cards with various persons. Paper cards can also get lost in pockets, cars, or drawers, but that is not the case with e-business cards.

Chat Backgrounds/Wallpapers

Next time you are in the zoom, Google meet, or Microsoft teams for networking purposes or as a job interviewee, use your e-business card or its QR code as chat background. In this way, anyone interested in your services can scan and contact you without worries.

Social Media sites

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest can be much more than something made just for entertainment. In fact, you can use these platforms as a social networking platform. Use your social media accounts to upload your downloadable e-business card or upload your QR code. Moreover, don’t forget to post the link on your official business page or anywhere from where you can find a potential customer.

Text or Email

E-business cards can also work best if you incorporate a QR code in your email signature. You can also use the e-business card app where you put the emails and phone numbers, and the app will automatically send your e-business card to other people. In this way, the need to meet different people and exchange paper cards can be abolished.


E-business cards are the future. These cards are stylish and so much more capable than their counterparts. E-business cards can act as a marketing tool; you just need to design a good customized business card and share it in the right place. just you e-business card today for free at

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