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Flowpage Vs Linktree | Which One Should You Choose?

flowpage vs linktree

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With the advent of social media came the need for new ways to direct your followers to the content you want them to see. This is where Link in Bio tools come in. Link in Bio tools is a simple way to put all your links in one place, making it easy for your followers to find what they’re looking for.

There are two main platforms for the link page: Flowpage and Linktree. Both have their own unique set of features and benefits, so let’s take a look at each one to see which is right for you.

What is Flowpage?

The Flowpage is the landing page that helps you grow your following, connect with your friends and fans, and give audience insights. It helps keep track of your links, social media profiles, contact details, and more. You can consider it as your place to organize your digital content.

add as many links you want

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a link-in profile tool that allows you to share your links in your bio on social media. You can share numerous links in one location with a Linktree and increase traffic to your website or blog. Also, you can create a micro landing page with more advanced features for your Instagram bio link. Add unlimited links to multiple sites with this bio link tool.

Flowpage Vs. Linktree: A Comparison

The Linktree and Flowpage both address an attractive solution to most social media’s one-link limit, and there are several reasons to select one over the other. Everything is dependent upon what you most need and what best suits you.

1. Your Goal:

The choice of tool depends first on your goal. What do you want to achieve? A Flowpage is a good choice if you want to get traffic and connect with your followers’ fans and friends. The tool will also assist you in keeping track of audience engagement.

But Linktree is an excellent option when you want to share your information and make your online content more discoverable and easy to manage.

2. Flowpage vs. Linktree Free Version:

The free version of any platform offers the user with limited features to meet the need of users. Most Flowpage and Linktree users excel in the bio link community with their FREE versions. The free versions of these landing pages may seem to go head-to-head. These versions are free but limited in many ways.

3. Flowpage vs. Linktree PRO:

Although the free versions of these landing pages don’t have much difference when you look at the Pro versions, there is a significant difference between them. Linktree offers more advanced customization options at a low price and a 1-month free trial compared to Flowpage. And Linktree is more budget-friendly.

4. Advanced Customization Options

If you’re looking for a platform that offers more flexibility and options for customization, Linktree is the better choice. The Linktree and Flowpage provide simple, clean layouts that are simple to customize with colors and themes to fit your brand. However, Linktree Pro offers advanced customization options like premium and animated themes and backgrounds that will help to stand out from competitors and keep your page in the minds of visitors.

The Flowpage offers a simple static image as your background and is an excellent fit for small brands.

5. Audience:

Who are you expecting your content will attract? The Flowpage and Linktree will work more effectively if you aim for a broad audience. However, suppose you’re aiming for a particular demographic like influencers, small businesses, or creators. In that case, you might consider a Flowpage as it organizes all social media accounts and links in one place, and you can get user names that match your brand.

6. The Power of Analytics

Link-in-bio features are a great approach to gathering information that can help you grow. These landing pages can track how visitors interact with them. You can direct your attention to the proper regions and concentrate on your next moves with the help of this data.

The Linktree provides the total click count for your links with daily and weekly breakdowns. On the Flowpage, you can get the same data and view the basic information like clicks per link, visitor history, and click history.

So both platforms offer great Analytics, which helps to increase your user’s visibility and make the strategy to take future steps.

7. Ease Of Use

The use of both platforms is relatively straightforward. You can easily create an account in seconds, claim your custom Flowpage or Linktree, and start adding the lists. It only takes some time to build a simple page. They also have a dedicated mobile app for ease of use on various platforms.

8. Monetization

Both tools’ Premium versions are reasonably priced and will suit your budget. And to boost the sales Flowpage, provide the option to add Venmo or Patreon links to your Flowpage.

Linktree’s built-in monetization option makes it easy for visitors to give money straight to you and the processing fee remains at a reasonable 1.5 percent regardless of whether the payments are donations or requests.

9. Support

‍ Suppose we look at the support system of both platforms. Both platforms provide choices for support and are receptive to your queries and issues. They are regularly updated to provide the best user experience.


10. Marketing Integration

The integration of these tools enhances the functionality of the built-in analytical programs and helps in giving you a precise picture of your brand’s performance online.

Linktree’s integration of marketing tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Conversions API sets its Pro editions apart from Flowpage’s in significant ways. At the same time, the Flowpage offers limited analytic information, which is what users currently have to work on. These basic features are great for growing your brand but are not sustainable for long-term or advancement measurement.

11. Security:

Both platforms are secure and consider the security and privacy of users as one of their priorities. Linktree had the trust of the 15M community regarding security. Flowpages, the new in the industry, also strives to make its platform more secure and safe.

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