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How to Make Actionable and Clickable Digital Business Card


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Digital business cards are a great marketing and networking tool. You can make them even better by designing an actionable and clickable digital business card. Actionable makes the card more interactive and provides depth to its functionality. Like how convenient is it to go directly from the card to WhatsApp and communicate with the person.

Making an actionable card is not difficult. There are two ways; the first is comparatively difficult and lengthy, but the second is quite simple and efficient.

So, here are both ways to make an actionable and clickable digital business card.


It is an extensive and time-consuming process, but you can build an interactive digital business card for free.

Here is the easy process of building an adaptive digital business card.

Clickable Digital Business Card  with PowerPoint
  • The first step is to open the picture of your static virtual business card on PowerPoint. It can be done on any version of PowerPoint. It works perfectly on all previous and latest versions.
  • You have the document in front; now identify the text or areas that you want to make clickable.
  • After identification, go to the shapes and draw a rectangle around the first block. For example, in my card phone number is the first one, so I will draw a rectangle over the phone number.
  • Select the shape, right-click the mouse and open the hyperlink.
  • A new window will pop; you will see a “Link to” column on the left. Select “exiting file and web page.” Then in the address area, you will add your phone number like that, tel:phone number. The number will start with tel: You will then type your phone number without any space or hyphen.
  • The next block is email. Repeat the same process add a rectangle, create a hyperlink, select an existing file or web page and add the email address. The mail will start with mailto: and then email address. This is how you will add the email address. Ensure that the email is correct and there is no space between. Moreover, while drawing the rectangle, strictly avoid overlapping with upper and lower rectangles.
  • The next section is the website. Repeat the same process and in the address section, simply paste the website URL, and you are good to go.
  • Now we have all the information embedded in the shape, but all the rectangles have a color. So, we have to make them transparent to reveal the card. On top, in the drawing section, you will see shape Fill and Shape Outline options. Select the and choose no fill and no outline, respectively. Doing this will make the boxes transparent and reveal the information hidden underneath.     
  • Lastly, you will download it as a PDF, and it can be shared quite easily.

Our digital business card was quite simple, but there are aggressive virtual cards with multiple social media links, PayPal, Google Maps links, etc. So, you don’t have to worry about all that because the process is identical.

Cover the blocks with the proper shape, copy the link from the computer, and past it in the address box. Repeat the same procedure with google maps and other blocks.

It is an excellent and straightforward way to make an actionable and clickable digital business card, but the process is pretty long. Moreover, it is not actually interactive; we have used a clever trick to make it actionable.

Digital Business Card Maker

Zapped Clickable Digital Business Card

It is the best way to have an actionable and clickable virtual business card. Digital business card makers are the online service provider that lets you build an immersive and exceptional clickable digital business card in just five minutes. Some of them costs a few bucks and many of them also have a free plan like Zapped.

Digital business makers are better in almost every aspect. They have more features, provide an immersive experience and enhance customer interaction with the card. Moreover, their cards are packed with incredible features and help you build better marketing and networking strategies.

Some features of Zapped Actionable digital business card maker include.

Easy to Create

Zapped allows you to make an excellent digital business card in just 5 minutes, unlike the first method. They have preset templates, backgrounds, and options to add social media and business apps which helps you build a business card in a few minutes.

Flexible and Adaptable

The cards are incredibly flexible; they can store a huge amount of information, including pictures, videos, PDFs, and documents. Moreover, along with PDFs, you can share them via URL and QR code. Moreover, Zapped can also make customizable NFC business cards.

Real-Time Data Analytics

The efficient zapped business card allows you to track valuable insights about customer interaction. The vital information helps you build a better marketing strategy.

Along with all these, the Zapped clickable digital business card is packed with many more exceptional features.

Now you know which is the better method of creating an actionable and clickable digital business card. So, visit Zapped now to get an incredible, flexible and functional virtual business card.

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