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What should I put on my Card with Zapped Virtual Business Card Maker?


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Virtual business card maker allows you to add loads of information to a business card, and sometimes people get really confused about what to put and what not to put on their card.

The stuff is primarily dependent on the type of job you have, but there are some general things that every digital business card should have.

When it comes to what to put on your business card, here are the things that you should always include.

How to make a Digital Business card?

Zapped virtual business card maker

Creating a digital business card is not a tricky job; with Zapped, you can create one in less than 5 minutes.

Firstly, open the on the browser (zapped works on both mobile phones and computers, you can use either one of them). Register yourself and get the desired plan. Registering will take you to the dashboard, where you can quickly build your virtual business card.

Use the following guide once you have reached the dashboard and are ready to create your first virtual business card.

How to create a professional business card in just 5 minutes.

What Should I Put on my Digital Business Card?

Now you have a simple virtual business card. Here are the things you can add to make it look professional and more related to your job.


First thing first, the name. It is pretty obvious, but you should add prefixes or suffixes like Dr. Sir, etc. While writing, make sure that you also add any accreditations and maiden name if you want.

Company Name, Title, and Department

The second vital thing is the company name and position at the office. You can also use a virtual business card for job hunting as you can easily integrate all your previous job experience.


It is not necessary but writing a concise description can be beneficial. It impresses the customers and lets them better understand your work. You can add some affiliation or awards won in the description.

Contact Information

Contact information is necessary, and multiple sources to contact are vital. It allows the customers to find you when your one means of communication is unavailable. There were instances when you ran out of battery, so email or skype will enable them to contact you via computer.

Your virtual business card should have your WhatsApp/Phone number, email, website link, and Skype.


Adding your home address is not necessary, but you should add your office address. If you cannot pinpoint the address, then put a generic address or the area’s name like Time square New York or Bay Area San Francisco.

Picture or Video

Adding a picture to your digital business card is vital. It presents you better and helps you connect with the client. Use a professional image in your office attire, not a cropped-out picture of a Disneyland trip.

Video can be an excellent addition, but it is not necessary. It can be about your company which will give clients an idea of your company and work.


Logo is another excellent addition as some people are not always aware of the name, but a familiar logo can trigger some good thoughts. So, make sure to add a company logo on your virtual business card.

PDFs and Documents

PDFs and documents are a great addition if you are related to the marketing profession. You can put documents about your marketing campaigns and the company’s background. Or, if you are hunting for a job, add your resume or CV as a PDF.


Never send a dull or dead business card. Always add confidence-boosting positive color to your virtual business card. It increases your chances of getting a deal and has a lasting impact on the client’s heart.

Zapped virtual business card maker allows you to choose any color from the color wheel in free and premium versions. Moreover, it also has options to add live background and gradients to the background as it provides a more immersive experience.

Social Media Integration

Awesome Image

Adding social media links depends on the type of job you have. Here is when you can add your social media accounts to a virtual business card.


Facebook is the biggest platform for social media marketing and an efficient way to interact and connect with your customers. Adding a personal or company page will provide another mean for customers to contact and allows them to see your products and marketing campaign.


Instagram is a visual medium, and many freelancers, designers, and entrepreneurs use it to showcase their portfolios. So, if you are one of them, do add the Instagram pixel on your virtual business card.


Adding LinkedIn is a great way to grow your connections and meet potential clients.

YouTube and TikTok

If you are a YouTube or TikTok influencer or want to show your video content, adding these links will be great. The clients will quickly see your content. Moreover, it’ll also increase the number of subscribers and followers on these platforms.

These are the things that you should have on your virtual business card. Remember to keep things professional and avoid including personal information or social media on office business cards.  

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