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What is an NFC digital business card? How to Create and Share it?


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Contactless business cards will have all the hype in 2022 because of their ease of use, value for money, and eco-friendliness. And people are constantly choosing digital business cards over the traditional ones.  NFC digital business card is another emerging form of a contactless card.

NFC or near field communication cards need additional hardware like a pop socket, mobile phone, NFC card, key chain, and other similar products with NFC. You might have to carry one of these products in your pocket, but it allows you to share the card with just a single click.

NFC digital business card is a great option. You can get the above-mentioned product easily from Amazon, eBay, and Ali Express. If you want a customized physical card, head to Zapped to have a physical NFC digital business card.

Here is everything about NFC digital business cards.

What is NFC Digital Business Card?

NFC is not a new technology; it is an evolution of RFID (radio frequency identification) used in many places for decades, i.e., the key card access to a hotel room. NFC works on the principle of coupling and is used for very short-range implementations. A radar in the NFC device creates a magnetic field that NFC devices can sense within a few centimeters or inches range.

How does NFC digital Business Card Works?

It transmits data from NFC tag to another device via radio waves. NFC resembles Bluetooth technology but is faster, more efficient, and uses comparatively less power. The two devices are positioned close to each other. One device creates a small magnetic field, and electricity is induced in other NFC as soon as it senses a magnetic field. After the initial handshake, the data is transmitted to the receiver through radio waves.

Popular Devices for NFC Digital Business Card

NFC is a convenient medium to share contact information, and it is available in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Almost every type of NFC is available on online shopping platforms like Amazon.

Here are some popular devices in which you can get NFC


NFC digital business keychain

NFC keychain is a multifunctional tool. It keeps our keys nice and tidy and provides an efficient way to share virtual business cards. It is great because of its functionality and usefulness. Moreover, it is tough to forget your keychain at home. Most people always have apartment and vehicle keys on their keychains, and they keep them in pockets when going out.


NFC digital business card

The card is professional as it can be designed as an average business card. The design possibilities are endless; you can design them in any way possible, print anything on top and shape them the way you like. Moreover, with a physical NFC digital business card, you have many material options like metal, titanium, Carbon Fiber, plastic, etc.  

Pop Socket

Often the mobile NFC have vital bank information; that’s why you cannot add NFC digital business card detail on mobile. So, you can get an NFC pop socket. It is also a convenient solution as it will always be on the back of your mobile, and the chances of forgetting them at home are pretty shallow.


Stickers are another excellent option. The thin piece of plastic will quietly sit on the back of your mobile or wallet and can be scanned to access your business card. The customization options make it a fantastic contender. You can have them in the form of a company logo, your picture, name, or almost anything.

Benefits of NFC Digital Business Card


NFC products are incredibly cheap; you don’t have to get kilograms of papers, don’t have to hire a graphic designer for card design, nor do you need a printing company. Moreover, you have to restock every month and discard them when you are promoted or leave the company. Moreover, the shared cards are mostly sitting at the bottom of a dustbin or got lost in the wallet.

On the other side, NFC digital business cards are incredibly functional and sustainable. They comes in countless different shapes and sizes. You only have to get them once, and they will keep on functioning until they are lost or dead.

Power Saving

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sharing use a lot of power which is not the case with NFC. They are a great power saver and work faster than the older ones.

Convenient and Contactless

The other person does not have to touch the card, which is pretty good in this pandemic situation. All you need to do is bring out your card, and clients will scan the card with an NFC reader, and you are all set.

Now you know everything about NFC digital business cards. They are cheap, power-saving, and available in many forms. Moreover, they look more professional and present you in a better way.

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