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Ovou Vs Dot Smart Business Card | A Quick Comparison

Ovou Vs Dot

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With the popularity of NFC technology on the rise, more and more businesses are looking for ways to incorporate this new technology into their day-to-day operations. One such way is through the use of NFC-enabled business cards. These cards allow businesses to keep track of their client’s contact information and offer a quick and easy way for customers to connect with them via their smartphones or other NFC-enabled devices.

So, which NFC business card is right for your business? In this article, we’ll take a quick look at two of the most popular options today – Ovou and Dot – and compare them side-by-side in terms of features, benefits, and cost. Let’s get started.

Ovou Vs. Dot: A Comparison

Some similar and contrasting features of digital business cards by Ovou and Dot include:

1. Material

Both the NFC business cards are built of premium quality material. The Ovou Card is of durable and waterproof plastic. The card is sturdy yet flexible with a matte finish, which gives the card a premium feel.

Dot card is also made of plastic material with a matte soft-touch finish that feels polished. It is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry if you scratch it accidentally or have a lot of wear and tear.

2. Design

Do you want a classic or innovative digital business card design? Regarding design, the Ovou card offers a more advanced and digital design where you can download your contact details by scanning the card’s QR code. The Dot digital cards have a minimal and simple design, subtle dot branding, and a custom QR code on the back. Thus, much better than traditional paper cards.

3. Phone Compatibility

Regarding phone compatibility, Ovou is compatible with all modern Smartphones. Its Tap or Scan feature works for all smartphone devices. But the Tap function is compatible with NFC-enabled mobile phones.

Dot provides a list of mobile phones which are compatible with Dot cards. But if your phone is not on the list of compatible phones, you can still use the dot device. So all smartphones can scan the QR codes on the card’s backside.

4. Ease Of Use

Both the devices are easy to use by the users. Ovou’s user interface is simple and friendly. It utilizes NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR technology to share OVOU Profile with new acquaintances. You may build the card and give the recipient the contact information with just one scan.

Dot also uses NFC, which enables the rapid transfer of any information, including your social network profiles, website, and even your contact information. Dot devices include smart business cards and dots that adhere to the back of phones or any surface.

Ovou Vs Dot

5. Customization

Ovou offers many customization options. At the time of order, they provide you with mockup designs to review, and you can choose. However, there is a limitation: only silver or gold foil can be printed on matte black cards. Additionally, you can only make the card’s front.

Dot gives users access to different color themes, custom images, and layout options to ensure their dot profile matches their brand identity.

Ovou gives more customization options than Dot, but users have also praised the product’s simplicity of Dot.

6. Do You Need An App?

You don’t need an app to operate both of the devices. Neither you nor the other person is required to install any app. For Ovou, you need to provide info on what to print on your card at the time of order. Whereas for everything else, you get to add to your account when your OVOU account is activated.

In comparison, Dot profiles can be seen directly through a browser which provides a fast way to share contact info with your followers, friends, or family.

7. Key Features

Ovou enables you to update your networking with advanced modules. They provide the user with two main buttons on your profile for people to navigate. People can connect with you or save your connection, in addition to your social contacts and personal information. This feature allows others to quickly enter their name, email, and any other information they want to share with you.

In Ovou, your profile will be easily accessible on a publically available URL when you create an OVOU account. It helps you quickly share your contact information with the individuals you want.

With Dot, you can share your networking sites such as LinkedIn, website, email, or any other social media site within no time.

You can also easily share or collect payments with a single touch of a button. You can share your PayPal, Venmo, or any other Cash app with the Dot device.

nfc card

8. Contact Support

Both platforms give you options for support and are open to your questions and problems. Ovou offers instant help on their site, comprehensive FAQs, and guidelines for using the card.

In comparison, Dot also allows you to contact them online with your query. And they respond to users’ problems within possible time.

9. Shipping

Are you also concerned if your order will arrive on time? Ovou typically mails your order in 3-5 business days. It can take an additional two to three business days for branded cards. You also have a return policy that allows you a complete refund within 30 days of your purchase. Furthermore, they will remotely disable your Ovou card; you don’t need to return it. This facility could save you from the hassle of returning the package.

On the other hand, Dot typically takes 4-8 business days to mail your package, depending on your location within the USA. They provide a tracking number with every order for your convenience. And their final sale items are not returnable without exceptions.

10. Pricing

How much budget do you have? Both the business cards are sold at a reasonable price and will meet your budget. Individual Ovou cards cost $80 with an accessible shipping facility.

In comparison, Dot provides products at a cheaper rate within the range of $20 to 100$. You could select the product according to your budget range. And once you purchase a Dot device, you can skip monthly fees and enjoy a life of seamless connections.

Still Not Sure? Try Zapped Pre-Programmed NFC Cards

For those still unsure whether an Ovou or Dot smart business card is right for their needs, there is a third option: Zapped pre-programmed NFC cards. These cards come with all the features of an Ovou or Dot smart business card, plus they are pre-programmed with various useful applications.

Like the Ovou and Dot cards, Zapped cards can store contact information, links to websites and social media profiles, and calendar events. Pre-programmed means it’ll redirect to your business card URL when tapped, so you don’t have to worry about programming it after buying.

Furthermore, the NFC chip on Zapped cards is re-writable, so you can change the information stored on it at any time. And if you ever lose your card, you can simply overwrite the old data with new data – there’s no need to buy a new card.

Get your own Zapped card today and see how easy and convenient it is to use!

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