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9 Networking Tips for Young Entrepreneurs – Digital Contact Card


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Business networking involves meeting and interacting with people of the same field and the same interest in official or unofficial gatherings to talk about mutual interests and benefits. Networking increases your brand awareness and aids you with the influx of customers. Make sure to take your digital contact card to interact with people who can share and mention your name positively.

Most people confuse networking with asking favors. However, this is not entirely true. Networking refers to creating a relationship of trust with a partner and convincing them to buy your services or products. In this article, we will confer some essential networking tips which may be helpful for youngsters and entrepreneurs.

Essential networking tips

The fundamental and integral aspect of efficient networking is by helping other people with their needs. A good networker is a person who can help you by referring customers, providing testimonials, and helping you in promoting events. If you are a young entrepreneur looking for effective networking tips, continue reading.

Here are some important tips to help you succeed.

1. Know Your Community

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The networking journey will have a better success rate if you know your community better. Prior to doing any networking, perform some background research and obtain as much information as possible about the targeted community. If you are visiting a networking event, then gather information about the likes and dislikes of professionals who are going to be present at the event. This preliminary research will give you an idea of what to expect and how you can benefit from the event.

2. Choose Your Goal

Before attending a networking event, you should set your mind straight and determine your goal. Determine whether you are attending the event to make new connections, donate time to the community, or learn about your field’s latest technologies and developments. You can get the most from networking endeavors if your agenda is straight.

3. Design a Digital Contact Card

Digital Contact card

Digital contact card, a.k.a. virtual business card, is an electronic variant of a business card that can be shared via mobile devices. You can also incorporate the URL to your website and your social media account information on your digital contact card. With a digital contact card, your customers can find you with just a few clicks.

Zapped is an online digital contact card creator which offers SEO-optimized digital business cards. This means that your potential customer can find you through organic search. There are also many themes and backgrounds available to help you attract and engage clients. Wherever you go, take your digital contact card with you and share it with other people.

4. Create a Professional Portfolio

Networking is not just about you finding compatible people. Sometimes it’s about people finding you too, and the latter has got easier with social media and the internet. Creating a professional portfolio will help you in finding the customers. You can make your portfolio on a professional networking website or create a personal blog. With your portfolio, a potential customer can learn what you do, your offers, achievements, and aspirations. In this way, you can connect with people easily of the same interest. You can also sell your product and services to these people. These people can tell society about your business and can act as a networker for you.

5. Use Social Media


There are many concerned groups on social media. If you use social media in your leisure time, then don’t use it just for entertainment; instead, utilize these platforms and increase your brand awareness.

6. Attend Networking Events

The integral step to successful networking is socializing with other people. You meet new people, share their interests, exchange sound ideas, and learn from them at almost every event. The sound sharing of ideas and information exchange helps you build a solid network. Moreover, there are local business events in a community, and local and small businesses can benefit from that.

7. Attend Business/professional Conferences

If you don’t have time for networking events, then don’t just sit back and at least attend a business conference. Make sure to join these conferences with your digital contact card. You can meet potential customers, business contacts, and other people looking for your products or services. With a digital contact card, you can add these people to your contacts and build a long-term relationships.

8. Connect With Right People

Find and connect with the people who can be beneficial for your business. Don’t be afraid to cut off people who are weighing down your business.

9. Socialize in Your Off-hours

photo of three person sitting and talking

Just because your working hours are finished doesn’t mean that you can’t do networking for your business. Instead, socialize with as many people as you can. Try to socialize wherever you go, whether it’s a coffee shop, gym, alumni event, or job fair. Moreover, join like-minded groups on Facebook.


Networking isn’t just you telling someone about your business. Instead, once you have interacted with someone, make sure to stay connected with them. Even after the meeting, stay in touch with that person through message or email. In this way, you can secure a trusted and long-term customer relationship.

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