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What is the Average Digital Business Card Price?

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Digital business cards are the virtual sibling of the classic paper business card. Paper business cards have been an essential part of business for networking and marketing. But now, the world is aware of the drastic effects of paper waste and deforestation. So, the industry has taken a crucial step to reduce paper. Digital business cards got the flare in around 2020, and now they are taking the industry by storm. They are quite cheaper and far more functional than a traditional business card. In this article, we will discuss the average digital business card price and why everyone should transition to the digital business card.

Importance of Digital Business Cards

Quickly and Easily Expand your Network

The bigger the network is, the more successful the business will be. Networking is an essential part of business; marketers connect with many sources and leads to expand their network. With a traditional business card, you cannot increase the number of customers quickly. You have a geographical barrier and have to personally meet the person to share your business card. It takes quite an effort and takes a long time. 

On the contrary, digital cards have no geographical barrier; they open your business to the world. You can share them with anyone anywhere in the world. Their interactive and practical features increase the chances of turning a lead into a customer. Moreover, digital business cards are straightforward to share. You can share them via QR code and URL that can easily be linked on Facebook or LinkedIn pages. 

Stores all the Essential Details

It is a great feature. The traditional business cards have very limited space; you can only add your name, company, name, and contact information. Adding extra information will make the card clustered, which does not look good. 

Digital Business cards can store a massive amount of information. It has plenty of space and can accommodate all the paper business card information with social media, website, links to marketing pages, pictures, videos, documents, etc. Moreover, you can also add payment information to the digital business card. 

Updating a paper business card is always painful because you literally have to waste the previous card and have the new one printed. With digital business cards, updating is as simple as opening an app and texting a person. Once modified, the card will automatically update the information on previously shared business cards. 

Better for Environment

Increasing carbon footprint and pollution are the leading causes of this transition. According to the Global Forest Resource Assessment, roughly 80000 to 160000 trees are cut down daily to make paper. The massive depletion leaves a big hole in the atmosphere and significantly increases the Carbon. Moreover, it increases air pollution as there are fewer trees to filter areas and the chances of natural disasters like floods in tropical areas. 

That’s why it is absolutely crucial to go digital to protect the environment from the harmful effects of deforestation and global warming. 

Digital Business Card Price

The initial flare in 2020 has ignited the need for digital business cards, and many companies stepped in to compete in the growing market. So, the cards are available at a variety of different prices. Among the range of service providers, Zapped is the best one. 

So, here is how much Zapped digital business card costs and what they offer in different packages. 

Digital business card price

Free Plan

  • Lifetime free
  • Great for freelancers and solo business owners

It is the basic plan in which you can get one virtual business card with five vcards blocks and data analytics. Zapped will retain the statistics for 60 days. Moreover, many business card creators do not have QR code builders. Zapped provides customizable QR codes with the free digital business card.


  • Monthly: 9$
  • Annually: 99$
  • Lifetime: 199$
  • Great for small and medium businesses

In this ad-free plan, you can create 10 digital business cards. The number of blocks is 10, with 5 projects and 2 pixels per card. Moreover, the Zapped will retain the customer interaction data for 365 days which is quite remarkable as the valuable insight will help you create an exceptional marketing strategy. 


  • Monthly: 49$
  • Annually: 499$
  • Lifetime: 999$
  • Best suited for enterprises and big corporate offices. 

This is the all-in package where you can have as many as 100 virtual business cards with unlimited blocks, projects, and pixels. The professional plan also has password protection and custom CSS and JS styling to enhance the appearance of your digital card. Moreover, it keeps the data for almost 2 years, which is a bit extravagant but can be helpful in many cases. 

This is how much a virtual business card costs. All the business card creators have variable plans. Zapped is among the best with its easy and affordable plans and incredibly feature-packed business cards. 

So, if you want to have an affordable business card choose Zapped, you can learn more about Zapped here

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