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How To Make A Digital Business Card? An Ultimate Guide

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Do you want to promote your business in a more efficient and effective way? Do you want to make your brand more recognizable? If so, then you need to create a digital business card. A digital business card is an online version of a traditional paper business card. It can be much more than just your contact information. You can include links to your website, social media platforms, or even your portfolio.

Creating a digital business card is easy and there are many ways to do it. You can create one for free using an online platform like Zapped, and share it via URL or QR code. Zapped pre-programmed NFC smart card is also an option allowing you to market your business just with a tap.

In this guide, we will show you how to create a digital business card that will help you promote your business more effectively. Let’s get started

Easy Steps To Create Digital Business Cards With Zapped

Zapped is an online business card maker that makes it easy to create your own professional business cards. With Zapped, you can choose from a variety of templates, designs, and colors to create a unique and stylish business card that represents your brand.

  • To get started, simply sign up for a free account and select the template that best suits your needs.

Sign Up Or Login To

  • Then, add your company logo, contact details, and any other necessary details.

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  • You can also add social media icons and links to your business card.


  • If you’re looking for more customization options, Zapped also allows you to upload your own photos and fonts, as well as access to more design features.

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  • Furthermore, with QR codes, you can add a digital version of your business card that can be scanned and saved on a smartphone.
  • Once you’re happy with your design, simply save your business card and share the URL with others.

Creating a business card with Zapped is easy, fast, and fun! Try it today!


Use An NFC Tag To Share Your Virtual Business Cards

You can also use an NFC tag to share your digital business card online. This is a great way to share your information with those who have an NFC-enabled device. Simply tap your device to the tag and your information will be transferred. The zapped shop also offers pre-programmed NFC cards that’ll make sharing a breeze.

Users can also program a blank NFC tag with their business card information. Android and iPhone users can try the NFC tools app, which is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  • This app can encode the various types of data on an NFC tag, including vCard.
  • Users just need to open the app and choose the “Write Tag” option.
  • After that, they can select the “URL” tab and fill in their business card slug.
  • Once done, they can tap on the “Write” button to write the information onto the NFC tag.

Other Options To Share Your Zapped Digital Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to make a lasting impression. They help you stand out from the crowd and make it easy for people to remember you and your business. But how can you share it with others?

  • Send an Email With Your vCard: You can attach your virtual business card to an email and send it to your contacts. This is a great way to share your information with those who may not be familiar with Zapped.
  • Use Social Media Accounts To Share Your Business Card: You can use social media links like Twitter and LinkedIn to share your digital business card. Simply post the URL of your card on your profile or in a status update and your contacts will be able to view and save your information.
  • Use The URL Of Zapped vCard: If you have a contactless business card, you can share it by sending the URL to your contacts. They can then view and save your information in their address book.
  • Use A QR Code On Your Business Card: You can also add a QR code to your business card. This allows people to quickly scan your card and save your information to their address book.

Metal Digital Business Card Zapped

Free Plan Vs. Zapped Premium Plan

Free Plan

In the free plan, you’ll have access to 1 vCard, 5 vCard blocks, 1 project, and included analytics. You can also use our QR code builder and password protection features. Additionally, your cards will be retained for 60 days.

Our free plan does not include custom domains, pixels, or custom back-half URLs. Additionally, you will not be able to remove branding from your cards or block search engine indexing. Custom CSS styling and JS are also not available in our free plan. Finally, you will not have API access or any Ads.

The plan is great for individuals or small businesses who want to create and manage digital business cards quickly and easily. Get started today to take advantage of all the features our free plan has to offer.

Premium Plan

Our premium plan gives you everything you need to take your digital business cards to the next level. Here’s what’s included:

  • 100 vCards – You’ll never run out of space for all your important contacts.
  • Unlimited vCard Blocks – Create custom blocks of information to organize your card however you want.
  • Unlimited Projects – Stay organized by keeping all your projects in one place.
  • Unlimited Pixels – Make sure your cards look great on all devices, no matter the screen size.
  • 50 Custom Domains – Choose a unique, professional domain name for each of your cards.
  • 730 Days vCards Statistics Retention – Keep track of who’s viewed your card and when with detailed statistics.
  • Additional Domains – Add extra domains to your account for even more flexibility.
  • Included Analytics – Get detailed insights into who’s viewing your cards and how they’re being shared.
  • QR Code Builder – Create QR codes that link directly to your digital business card.
  • Password Protection – Keep your cards safe with password protection.
  • Removable Branding – Remove our branding from your cards for a more professional look.
  • Custom Back-Half URL – Choose a custom URL for the back half of your card.
  • Block Search Engine Indexing – Keep your cards private by blocking them from showing up in search results.
  • Custom CSS Styling – Make your cards look exactly the way you want with custom CSS.
  • Custom JS – Add custom JavaScript to your cards for more control.
  • API Access – Access our API to create custom integrations with other applications.
  • No Ads – Your cards will never be interrupted by unwanted advertisements.

Get started today and take your digital business cards to the next level with our premium plan.

Summing Up

Virtual business cards are the way of the future. They’re more convenient, more environmentally friendly, and let’s be honest, they look a lot cooler than traditional paper business cards. Zapped is the perfect tool for creating and sharing electronic business cards.

With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of customization options, you can create a mobile business card that’s truly unique to you and your brand and marketing strategy. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up today and start zapping your way to success!

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