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Campsite Vs Linktree | Which Is Better?

Campsite Vs Linktree

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With the popularity of social media, there has been an influx of tools that allow users to manage their online presence better. Two such tools are Campsite and Linktree. Both platforms offer unique features that can benefit users looking to promote their brand or business. So, which is the better option?

In this article, we’ll compare Campsite vs Linktree in terms of their features, pricing, and user experience. By the end, you’ll better understand which platform best fits your needs.

Linktree Landing Page

Linktree is a great way to promote your content and make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for. With its wide range of features and easy-to-use interface, Linktree is a great tool for anyone who wants to promote their content online.

Free Version

With the free version of Linktree, you can add up to five different links. You’ll have to upgrade to Linktree Pro if you need more than that. The type of links for the free version include:

  • Music: You can add links to your music on Spotify, Soundcloud, and other platforms.
  • Video: You can embed videos from YouTube, TikTok, and other sources.
  • Store: You can add links to your products on an eCommerce store.
  • Form: You can use a form to collect email addresses.
  • Support me: You can use this link to collect donations for a cause.
  • Request: You can use this link to receive requests and payments from visitors.

Some other features include:

  • The ability to multiple links from the same source
  • Password protection for individual links
  • Link scheduling
  • Customizable themes
  • Advanced analytics
  • Integrations with Google Analytics and other platforms
  • Free premium support


If you are looking for a simple way to add links to your bio, Linktree is a great option. It is easy to use and has a free plan that offers all the basic features you need. Linktree Pro is also an affordable option if you want more advanced features.

campsite vs linktree

Linktree Pro

The premium version of Linktree, known as Linktree Pro, gives users access to features that can help them customize their landing pages even further. These features include:

  • Leap links are special links that can forward visitors directly to a destination, bypassing your Linktree altogether. This can come in handy if you want to direct visitors to a specific page on your website or blog.
  • Priority links are a great way to highlight your most important links. This can be useful if you have certain products or services that you want to promote more than others.
  • Schedule links: The schedule feature allows you to schedule when you want your links to appear. This is useful if you want to change up the links on your page regularly or if you want to promote certain products or services at specific times of the year.
  • Gated links: With gated links, visitors must enter a password to click through them. This can create special offers or promotions only available to those with the password.

Adding thumbnails or icons to your links is another great way to customize them and make them stand out. You can also view analytics for each link displayed on your Linktree, which can help determine which links are getting the most clicks.

After you have added all the links you want to include, you can move on to the appearance tab to customize the design for your landing page. Here you can also add your profile picture and bio text. Select the theme, configure the settings, and you’re ready.

Overall, Linktree Pro provides users with many great features that can help them create a more customized and professional-looking landing page. If you are looking for a way to take your Linktree to the next level, consider upgrading to the Pro version.

Campsite Bio Link Tool

Campsite’s simple Google or Facebook integration makes it easy to get started. Just fill in the form, and you’re ready to go. With the free plan, you can add links and get started immediately. Pro members can access enhanced analytics, more integrations, and better link types.

The dashboard offers a similar experience to Linktree’s, with the ability to add links on the left side and see any changes you make in mobile format on the right side of the screen. The main dashboard is where you can manage all your links.


Standard Links

The standard links are the most basic ones that lead to other websites. You can also use the scheduling feature on them, but it is a paid feature. Two types of advanced links are offered: carousel and embed.

  • Carousel link type contains multiple links through images in a scrollable format. You can use this to embed banner images (1300x900px) for advertisement, but it requires pro access.
  • Embed link type lets you embed your Facebook page, Spotify music, Twitch profile, Vimeo link, or YouTube page.

You will find the carousel and embed links under a green drop-down arrow near the “Add New Link +” button.

Top Features

The free account on Campsite has four locked features: email signup, feed, form, and title. You need to click on your profile name to access these features at the top of the page. From there, you’ll be able to see a drop-down menu for appearance, settings, collaborators, URLs, and Domain tabs. The appearance section allows you to add your profile picture and bio text, change the button settings, select a theme, and change other miscellaneous settings.

With a dedicated mobile app and marketers operating system, it is a great digital publishing innovator allowing to add links to social media accounts and multiple platforms.

With Campsite, you can connect your Google and Instagram accounts and integrate with various platforms, all without paying for a premium plan. You can also view analytics for your page in the settings tab. Linktree, on the other hand, limits customization depending on whether or not you pay them. However, their themes are more basic than those offered by Campsite.

Which One Should You Choose?

Linktree and Campsite are great tools for creating a professional-looking landing page to promote your products and services. If you are looking for a more customizable experience, Campsite may be the better option for you. However, if you are looking for a tool that is quick and easy to set up, Linktree may be the better choice.

Use Zapped As The Best Linktree Alternative

Zapped is a new tool that offers the same features as Linktree and Campsite but with some key advantages. You can create a digital business card with your social media platforms’ links and contact information. It allows you to add unlimited links to your website, blog, and online store to amplify digital marketing.

With Zapped, you can create a custom URL for your business card, so it’s easy to remember and share with others. You can also track the number of views and clicks on each link. This helps you to see which links are most popular and adjust your content accordingly.

It is a free tool, and there are no ads or upsells. It’s easy to use and offers a great way to connect with your audience on social media. Give Zapped a try today!

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