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How to go paperless in office

How to go Paperless in office

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We have been trying to make offices paperless for decades, hoping the evolving technology will improve our lives and eventually remove paper from our offices. With E-Signatures, digital data storage and organizations, Digital vCard, it’s about time to go paperless.

We have been trying to make offices paperless for decades, hoping the evolving technology will improve our lives and eventually remove paper from our offices. With E-Signatures, digital data storage and organizations, Digital vCard, it’s about time to go paperless.

The average person uses over 700lbs of paper sheets every year. To reduce the increasing amount, many offices are taking measures. Some are trying to go completely paperless, and some are gradually moving to reduce the environmental impact of the paper.

But many offices don’t know where to start. So, here are five simple steps to significantly reduce paper usage in offices.

Steps to Go Paperless in Offices

Set Goals

Start by setting paper-saving goals for every employee because we have seen many employees get happy with the idea of paper saving, but they don’t take action until they are told.

So, be a strong manager and leader and develop plans to reduce paper. The goals will give each employee a chance to do something, which increases the chances of reducing paper.

Set some small goals. It can be a specific amount of printing per day or reducing the number of paper packs used. Don’t overkill with the plans. Start by making small achievable goals to get the employees warmed up for the big change.

You can also gamify the process or offer rewards on goal completion. It keeps them motivated and encourages everyone to get involved in the process. Lastly, show them the bright side of reducing paper usage, and explain the long-lasting environmental benefits of reducing paper. With a better understanding, they will indeed work to reduce the paper.


Digital vcard

The best way to save paper is by going digital. Send emails instead of letters, use Digital vCard instead of paper business cards, and turn to electric invoicing.

Most companies still use paper to send letters, which is not favorable when there are software that allows you to send emails. Moreover, they are safe as there will be no intermediary. So, whether it’s an outstanding payment or any vital information, digital letters are the best options. Moreover, you can also put some passwords to make them more safe and secure.

Paper business cards are the biggest source of paper waste in offices. They take a lot of space and are not cheap. Traditional cards can be replaced by Digital vCard, the digital version that can be shared via mobile phone and computer. The virtual card is incredibly beneficial and comes at a meager cost.

Some great digital business card creators are

Zapped is The best among all, packed with incredible features to make your marketing campaign successful, and works perfectly on Android, iOS, and computers. Other popular names include Hi Hello and Mobilo Card.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Along with reducing the paper usage in the office, you will also have to minimize the paper that other companies print on your behalf. For example, bank statements that you receive monthly, shopping bills and receipts, and any food box you ordered in the office.

Many banks offer digital bank statements; you should reach them for further assistance in the digital era because paper is a waste and takes up a lot of office space. So, contact your bank and ask them to send digital bank statements instead of paper.

Food boxes are hard to reuse, so the best way is to recycle them. There are many recycling yards where you can donate these boxes, which will be recycled into other paper products.


One of the main causes stopping us from going paperless is signatures. Many documents need authorization, which is not quite possible with digital documents.

The evolving technology has the solution; Digital Signatures or E-Signatures are the green way to sign electronic documents. They can be signed using e-signature software.

Some good E-Signature software are.

Adobe SignThe tool is an excellent option because most PDFs are viewed with Adobe Acrobat. It works seamlessly with that and makes the task easier and paperless.

PandaDocIt allows you to create a document from scratch and then get them signed in an instant.

Other good E-Signature software are Dotted Sign and DocuSign.

Digital Document Management

Go digital with your document management.

There are many software to make your paper storage digital. It makes the document safer and keeps the access limited with secure passwords. Moreover, the records are stored on cloud storage, so you don’t have to get separate hard drives and computers for data storage.

Digital document management is incredibly beneficial. If you have the permission, you can access them from anywhere and on any device. It also makes organization easier as you don’t have to check each file separately, type the name in the search bar, and the document will come.

These are the easy and convenient steps to make your office paperless. This all seems like a big task, but you can start with baby steps. Like, start by transforming business cards into Digital vCard. Its cheap, small, and reduces a significant amount of paper waste. To make the small step, head to to get your electronic business cards.  

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