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7 Ways to Use Digital Info Card

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Many people are unaware of the impact of business cards. They only see business cards as a necessity, so they don’t opt for them. One thing they don’t know is that a digital info card is not just a mere business card. Instead, it’s an excellent tool capable of carrying out various tasks. The digital info card is the most powerful business tool which can act as a marketing and networking tool if you design and use it appropriately.

Smart business cards are far better than paper business cards, and unlike paper cards, they are here to stay for a long time. They are a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to traditional cards. If you don’t know how to use them to get maximum benefit, then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss 7 ways to use a digital info card.

7 Ways to Use Digital Info Card

Digital info card

Digital Info cards are the future of businesses. If you are still unaware of their efficiency, then here are some noteworthy uses of digital info cards.

1. Easy and Contactless Contact Sharing

The basic need for digital info card is to eliminate the exchange of paper cards. You can share them at any place you go. You don’t need to have a continuous supply of paper cards. All you need is a mobile phone with a smart business card, and you can share it with anyone.

Moreover, you don’t need to share the same airspace as your companion to share the business card. You can share it from anywhere, either your home, your office, or any vacation place you went to. Sharing digital info cards is also beneficial as you will never run out of business cards. It’s also a great initiative in the current world of social distancing.

2. Efficient Marketing

Contactless contact sharing is not the only way to use a digital info card. You can also customize your digital card and use it for marketing causes. Define your target community and get to know the likes and dislikes of people. Design your digital info card using captivating visuals and add a relevant photo to expand brand familiarity. This will help you by increasing brand awareness and distinguish you from your competitors.

If you have an official website and social media account, then add their links to your card. This is an effective marketing tool because now, potential customers can reach you by just tapping on the link on your card.

In addition, find a useful cause, mention it on your digital info card, and mention it to the other person while sharing the card. This will catch the recipient’s attention, and he will read your card with interest. Plus, your business giving back to the community will leave a good impression on them.

3. Lead Generation

A digital info card can be used for lead generation. You can link your digital card to the company’s CRM tool so that all relevant information will go directly to the CRM tool. Thus, a digital info card can be used as a tool to ensure a faster follow-up of potential customers. The information will also be helpful for networking and marketing purposes.

4. Use for Networking Purposes

A digital info card is also known as a smart business card because it can accomplish all networking needs. Whether you are at home, in an online meeting, at the trade fair, or on video conference, you can use a digital info card to interact with a prospect. And with Zapped business cards, networking becomes much easier. Zapped cards are SEO optimized so prospects can find you even through organic search. Plus, if you make your digital card QR code public, then all potential customers can network with you by just a scan.

5. Share Your Portfolio

You can share your portfolio with others via a digital info card. This is an extremely important feature for freelancers, professionals, and social media influencers. Now they can share their whole social media presence with just one tap. By using digital info cards, freelancers can eliminate the need to share portfolios for work purposes.

6. Link Your Business

With Zapped digital info card, you can incorporate the link to your business website into your business card. So next time you’re at the presentation, you can tap your card and show what you offer.

7. Track and Analyze Your Card Performance

Digital cards can be used to track card performance. Add tracking codes to the card, and you will know if someone takes a step toward your business. The major limitation of the paper card is that no one can know where the card actually ends up. But with a digital info card, you can track your taps. The card overview gives you insights into your leads, and you can design a better plan for the future.


Now you know 7 effective ways to get the most out of your digital info card. A digital info card is not an ordinary business card, but it’s the way to expand your business and enhance brand awareness. So, design and use it wisely.

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