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5 Best Green Alternatives of Paper Business Cards


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Climate change and global warming have a drastic effect on the environment. If we don’t take action now, the world will be inhospitable for living beings. So, every person is responsible for keeping the world clean and green to save the planet from drastic climate changes. Along with individual contributions, businesses and companies are responsible for lowering paper use by using virtual name card and digital document.  

Corporate Social Responsibility is a term that makes businesses responsible for doing good with the climate and taking necessary steps that positively influence the Earth. Steps like using sustainable energy to reduce carbon emissions will move the needle in the right direction.

Paper is one of the things that are abundantly used in offices, and its increasing usage is severely eroding the environment. Reducing paper usage might look like a big task, but small steps will go long. Like businesses can start by making business cards, digital. It’s simple, and there are many green alternatives to paper business cards.

Alternatives to Paper Business Cards

There are various solutions that can replace paper business cards. One of the best ones is a digital virtual business card.

Here are the most sustainable and greenways to share your contact information.

The Best: Virtual Name Card

Zapped Card Cellphone Virtual name Card

Digital business cards are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to paper business cards. They are convenient, efficient, and store a lot more information than paper business cards. Moreover, the cards are pretty easy to share, and there is no boundary. Users can share it with anyone anywhere in the world with a QR code, URL, text, or PDF.

There are many apps and websites to create a free virtual business card, but Zapped is the best virtual business card generator for us. The secure and efficient business card has the best and unique features like real-time data analytics, social media integration, affordable pricing, tons of customization options, and much more.

Plantable Business Cards

Trees are a crucial part of environment; they produce oxygen, remove carbon dioxide, and reduce air pollution. Plantable business cards are made from organic seeds and paper pulp. So, instead of throwing them, users can plant them in a pot or garden and watch them grow into a tree. The card not only reduces pollution but also makes the planet green.

There are many companies that are keeping the planet green with their plantable business cards. Some prominent names include Botanical Paper Works, Wild Lenses, Earthly Goods, and Custom Earth Promotions.

Edible Business Cards

An edible business card is the sketchiest way to share your contact information. The mouth-watering business card can be a cookie, candy, a piece of meat, or a candy wrapper; the possibilities are close to endless. These cards are slightly expensive, but if you are a restaurant, bakery, or pet food store owner, the edible business cards are the best for you.

Companies like Lady Fortune maker, clever business card, and rush imprint offer these sketchy alternatives on many different materials and shapes.

NFC Business Cards

Near Field Communication allows you to share your digital virtual business card with a single tap. It is another excellent option as it gives you the liberty to have both virtual and physical cards in your pocket. The card is like a credit card, it has a microchip, and users can access the virtual name card by scanning it with their mobile phone. Moreover, instead of a physical card, users can share cards via NFC compatible mobile phones and smartwatches.

NFC business cards are a great option, but they can be expensive on some platforms. Zapped is a reliable NFC business card creator that lets you create a solid NFC card at a meager price. Moreover, you can also add personalized touches to card.

Keychain Business Card

Every person always has a car or motorcycle key, apartment key, and office key. These are the basic ones; many people also have their locker keys, office cabinet keys, room keys, etc., in their pockets. So, a keychain business card shares your information and is also a convenient way to organize your keys. Moreover, you always have the keys in your pocket, so there is no chance that you will forget your business card at house. In this alternative, the keychain has an NFC tag, or you can print a QR code that allows you to share your contact information.

You can print and paste the QR code on the keychain or buy NFC keychains, which are abundantly available on Amazon, Ali Express, etc.

Final Verdict

These are the five best green alternatives to paper business cards. For us, the best alternative is an Zapped virtual name card. It’s cheap, easy to share, and leaves a lasting impression on the client’s mind.

Is it the time to choose the green alternatives?

Yes, the climate is deteriorating rapidly, and it’s our responsibility to play our role in protecting the environment from climate change and global warming.

So, choose one of the above-mentioned alternatives and play your part in saving the environment.  

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