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Why Saving Trees Should Be Our Top Priority? (All in One Business Card)

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Increasing deforestation has a devastating impact on our environment. In this article, you will learn why we should save trees and how we can save them by going digital. Like using all in one business card, email, digital documentation etc.

Since the beginning of the world, the trees have been providing us with the two life’s most essential things, Oxygen, and Food. As we are growing and progressing, more and more benefits are discovered. They are providing us shelter, medicine, tools, etc, and their value is increasing with every passing day.

In addition to these necessities, they have been an integral part of our daily life. From our favorite childhood park activity to a peaceful, soothing walk, they make our lives better and healthier.

Trees benefit us and the environment in many different ways.

Benefits of Trees

Trees Filters Water and Air

Tree removes the most harmful kind of air pollution, the particular matter (PM). This type of material comes from the burning of fossil fuels. Their dangerous concentration in cities can cause chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and even lead to lung cancer.

Trees are the natural filters that purify our atmosphere. So, they must be planted in heavily populated and industrial areas to reduce chronic diseases.

Trees store and filter half of the US drinking water. After the rainfall, they remove pollutants and harmful particles and then slowly release the water back to streams and rivers. In addition to filtering, they are a reliable water storage unit as they slowly release the rainwater into the streams.

Mental and Physical Health Booster

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Humans are naturally attracted to trees, and their abundance leads everyone to better health. Studies have shown that a short walk and hike in a hilly or green area can significantly reduce depression and anxiety. Another great thing about them is you don’t have to complete a three-month course like you do with medicine. A short 10 to 15 minutes walk can do wonders by uplifting your mood.

In addition to mental health, consistent walks in the park also lower obesity. And trees have a considerable part in it.

Trees are a Home to Wildlife

Red fox in natural habitat

A single tree is a habitat for many different birds, squirrels, and insects. Similarly, forests are the home of millions of other species and allow them to grow in their natural habitat.

The high-rise and populated neighborhoods have taken the homes of many of our feathered and furry friends. Moreover, rapid deforestation is even worse. From the grass root to the top of the trees, different animals, birds, and insects live. So, it is vital to reduce paper usage to allow these organisms to grow.  

The Cool Down the Environment

Global warming is the biggest climate issue that the world is facing right now, and trees are the only solution to stop that. You must have observed the paved and populated areas are three to four degrees hotter than the average temperature. On the contrary leafy neighborhood are pretty cool, and the residents have better health than later ones.

Trees are natural air conditioning that works throughout the day and is free of cost.

How can we Save our Forests?

Plant More Trees

woman holding green leafed seedling

This is the straightforward and most efficient way of replanting the Earth. We always ask people to go out with a group of family and friends to plant some trees in the nearby forest. The small contribution from every person has a significant impact on the overall climate.

If there are no forests nearby, plant a tree in your backyard or put some flower pots on your apartment’s balcony to have fresh and clean air.

Reduce Paper Usage

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Paper is the biggest tree consumer. More than 4 billion trees are cut down every year to serve the paper needs, and the most amount of paper is used in our offices and educational departments. So, we have to take steps to cut down the paper usage.

The educational sector has taken significant steps like online notes taking and online books to reduce paper consumption. The offices are also taking valuable steps to lower their carbon footprint. Things are going digital, and offices are coping with it. The traditional business card is replaced by a digital or all in one business card, and documentation is digital, which is made safe by encryption.

Support Conservation Efforts

Many organizations are working to inhabit the forest with fresh and new trees. It is our moral duty to help them in this great cause. So, if you cannot plant a tree, then play your part by donating to these organizations.

This is how important trees are for our Earth and why we should protect them. In the end, we have proposed some efficient methods to reduce deforestation. For us, the best one is to reduce paper usage. So, every office should try their best to go digital and use all in one business card instead of traditional ones.  

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