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Are you an entrepreneur looking for a way to promote your brand? Or are you a small business looking for a technique to promote your business online? Digital business cards are an exceptional tool; it gets even better if the digital business card app has SEO-optimized business cards. 

If you are a person who is looking for digital marketing techniques, then you would probably be aware of the word SEO. It is a critical tool that can increase your interactivity with customers and drive traffic toward your website. As every industry is going digital, the need for SEO is skyrocketed to become successful. Here we will discuss what SEO is, why SEO is important, and how an SEO-optimized business card can help you promote your business.

What is SEO?

SEO text wallpaper

If you are in an online business, then you have probably heard of the term SEO tossing around. Actually, SEO is an interactive and brandable way to help people find you. SEO stands for search engine optimization. In other terms, SEO enhances your visibility online. It lets more people find you easily, directs traffic towards your website, and aids you in providing services to a greater sum of people.

Importance of SEO

Before knowing how SEO works and why SEO content, including SEO-optimized digital business cards, is essential, you should learn the importance of SEO. An SEO-optimized business can attract more customers, and with time it will help you in building a better and more trustworthy relationship with your clients.

Google is the most commonly used search engine in the world. When you search anything on Google, there are usually ten results on the first page. That means there are only ten spots on the Google search page. And even from the top 10 results, your desired information can be found in the first 3. That’s why you rarely go to the bottom, let alone the second, third, or fourth page. But what makes those results so special that they are on the top? The thing which makes them unique is SEO-optimized content.

From other perspectives, when the customer types in a keyword for the relevant information, then you should be on the first page along with your competitors. If you are not among the top few searches, then another person just gains a new customer, or perhaps you just lost one.

These are the advantages SEO gives to your business: SEO increases your brand’s visibility. It drives traffic to your business and gives you the courage to become the answer to potential customers. It becomes your authoritative voice in your field. You can increase your brand’s trust and, ultimately, brand loyalty with authority.

Should I use SEO?

The one-word answer to this question is “yes.” With the digitalization of every industry, the competition in the market has enormously increased. In such fierce circumstances, one should consider the use of SEO seriously. SEO is a data-driven approach that can increase your business reach and help you with digital marketing. However, SEO requires extensive research and deliberate analysis. It’s a complex practice, but it will be helpful in the long run.

What is Zapped? Why should you choose it?

Zapped Digital Business card app

Zapped is a digital business card app that works for all major platforms, including IOS, Android, and Windows. Visit Zapped to design and customize your digital business card. With Zapped, you can create digital business cards with just a few clicks and within five minutes. Here are some features of Zapped which make it the best available option.

Zapped: An SEO-optimized digital business card app.

Zapped virtual business cards are all SEO optimized already. They are indexed on the web so that more people can find you through organic search. In this way, more potential customers can reach you. Potential customers will be directed toward you with just a couple of clicks on the search engine.

Zapped SEO business cards also enhance your engagement with your clients and increase your business trust. Zapped offers customization of business cards with multiple themes and templates. Design an attractive and stylish card to attract and engage new clients. In addition, you can create custom URLs and domains to link your vCard with your website. This is another interactive and brandable way to share your business.

Other noteworthy features of Zapped Digital Business Card App

Other than the above-mentioned feature, Zapped offer many different premium features, which makes them unique and superior. Here are the most notable features:

  • You can design one virtual business card using all the premium features for free.
  • Zapped offer affordable plans for creating up to 100 vCards.
  • Zapped provides safe and secure services. That means all of your data on Zapped is secured from phishing.
  • It provides real-time data analytics. By utilizing this feature, you can learn about your target audience more clearly.
  • Numerous backgrounds, 12 theme options, CSS and JavaScript, are available for customization of digital business cards.
  • Sharing and exchanging e-business cards using Zapped is easy.


SEO is a reliable and interactive way to help people find you easily. And with Zapped SEO digital business cards, your target customers can find you more conveniently.

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