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Linq Vs Tappy Business Cards | A Quick Comparison

Linq Vs Tappy

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With the technological advances of the 21st century, business cards have come a long way since their inception. No longer are they just a name and contact information printed on flimsy paper. Now, they can be interactive, engaging, and even fun.

Two of the most popular options on the market today are Linq cards and Tappy cards. So, which one is right for you? Let’s take a quick look at the key differences between these two types of cards to help you make a decision.

Tappy Smart Business Cards

Tappy is a leading provider of smart business cards that are NFC-enabled and work with smartphones. Their products are designed to make it easy for people to connect and share information.

NFC-enabled business cards are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to make it easier to connect with others. All you need is an NFC-enabled device that allows small business to share cards with a single tap with potential clients.

The cards are the perfect way to ensure you’re always connected with the right people. With Tappy, you can easily manage your contacts, keep track of your interactions, and get more out of your networking.

Some other benefits include:

1. Quick Sharing With A Tap

With the Tappy card, you can share your contact information with just a tap. No more fumbling around for cards or exchanging numbers. Also, you don’t need to distribute cards, so you’re always prepared.

2. Stay Connected And In Control

Tappy’s app lets you keep track of all your interactions in one place. You can see who you connected with when you last spoke and what information was exchanged. This is perfect for keeping track of business contacts or keeping up with friends and family.

3. Get More Out Of Your Networking

Tappy makes it easy to connect with the right people and exchange information. With its powerful search features, you can find the perfect person to connect with, whether it’s for business or personal purposes.

4. Save Time And Money

Tappy is a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. There are no printing costs, and you can use the app to manage your contacts and interactions. This saves you time and money.

5. A Smart Investment

Tappy is an investment that will pay for itself many times over. With its easy-to-use features and powerful search functions, you’ll be able to connect with more people, exchange information more easily with single card, and get more out of your networking.

If you’re looking for a smart business card solution that is NFC-enabled and works with smartphones, Tappy is a perfect choice.

Linq Vs Tappy

Linq Card

Linq is one of the best digital business cards of all. It makes it easier for you to share fully customized profiles that contain links, photos, information, contacts, and more. It helps you to send or receive straight into the inbox or phone. Having a Linq or app isn’t necessary for the receiver.

It was built to support global digital business organizations. You can manage your team with enterprise-grade administration across desktop and mobile. Linq team is the world’s advanced enterprise digital business card platform. Share your info and receive details with confidence with the help of Linq’s digital business card.

share with one link

The dominant features of Linq’s digital business card are:

1. Make An Unforgettable Impression

Linq digital business cards help you stand out from the crowd with custom branded pages and products. Also, you can market your brand with content-rich pages that include videos, lead forms, links, websites, social media links, and more. They help keep your information up-to-date so that it won’t misrepresent your company and you.

2. Grow Your Business

With the help of Linq’s digital business card, you can generate more leads. It can make your networking a breeze, which will help you choose the information you want to capture. The manual input process takes so much time, but you can integrate your CRM of choice with Linq’s easily. With the help of click-level analytics, you can gain actionable insights about your networking team’s effort, event ROI, and which marketing material resonates.

3. Increase Productivity

It helps with page templates that allow you to deploy various pages rapidly, saving time. Linq’s digital business card automates contact management with a helpful workflow in sharing contacts across your team, setting follow-up reminders, and more. With the help of Linq’s, you can get set up within a minute and ensure that you won’t lose your customers.

Linq Vs Tappy

Which One Should You Get?

Both the Linq and Tappy smart business cards have their own set of features that can make them appealing to customers. You might be wondering, which one should you get?

It depends on your personal needs and preferences. Be sure to consider the following factors before making your decision:

  • Features: The Linq and Tappy smart business cards have their own features. The Linq has more features than the Tappy, but the Tappy is more user-friendly.
  • Compatibility: The Linq is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and so is the case with Tappy.
  • Cost: The Linq is more expensive than the Tappy.
  • Ease of use: The Tappy is more user-friendly than the Linq.

Make your choice based on the factors that are most important to you. If you prioritize features, go for the Linq. If you prioritize compatibility or cost, go for the Tappy. Lastly, the Tappy is your best bet if you prioritize ease of use.

Still Not Sure? Try Zapped

Zapped smart business cards are the perfect way to make a great first impression. With Zapped, you can easily create and manage your digital business card, so you always have your contact information on hand.

And with our handy online interface, you can keep your business cards organized and up-to-date, even on the go. Plus, we offer various customization options to ensure your cards reflect your unique brand and you can check them through your account.

If you’re looking for a smart business card solution that’s easy to use and offers plenty of features, Zapped is the right choice. Try it today!

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