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12 Best Inspirational Networking Quotes

Inspirational Networking Quotes

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Networking is essential to success in any field. Whether you are looking for a job, trying to grow your business, or simply wanting to make new friends, networking is a crucial ingredient. These 12 inspirational networking quotes will help motivate and encourage you as you start or continue your networking journey.

1. Your Network Is Your Net Worth.—Porter Gale

A powerful network is a key asset in achieving success. Your network can open doors to new opportunities and help you achieve your goals. This quote reminds us to invest time and energy into developing strong relationships. They are more valuable than any amount of money

2. “The Fortune Is In The Follow Up.”—Jim Rohn

You can have the best product or service globally, but if you don’t follow up with your customers, you will never make a sale. Following up is essential to success in networking. You need to nurture your relationships and keep the lines of communication open.

3. “Instead Of Better Glasses, Your Network Gives You Better Eyes.” – Ronald Burt

This quote reminds us that our networks provide us with valuable information and resources. We need to be open to our networks’ new perspectives and ideas. Having a strong network gives you an advantage in business and life. The more connections you have, the more influence you will have.

4. “Network Is More About Farming Than Hunting” – Ivan Misner

This quote from Ivan Misner emphasizes the importance of building relationships in networking. He compares networking to hunting and farming, saying that it’s more important to cultivate relationships than to try to make new contacts.

This is a critical perspective to keep in mind when networking. It’s not just about trying to meet as many people as possible, but rather about developing quality relationships. By taking the time to get to know people and build trust, you’ll be much more likely to create meaningful connections that can lead to success.

Inspirational Networking Quotes

5. “If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go With Others” – African Proverb

This quote is all about the power of networking. If you want to achieve something quickly, you can go at it alone. But if you’re going to achieve something significant and lasting, you need to build relationships and collaborate with others. Networking opens up opportunities and helps you tap into resources that you wouldn’t have access to on your own.

6. “Networking Is An Essential Part Of Building Wealth” – Armstrong Williams

Networking is not only essential for building relationships but also for building wealth. By connecting with other professionals and sharing resources, you can create opportunities for yourself and others. It’s just what you need for networking success.

7. “The More Connections You Make, The More Valuable You Become” – Keith Ferrazzi

The more successful networkers connection you make, the more likely it is that you will be able to find the resources and information you need. But it’s not just about making connections–it’s about making valuable connections. Seek out people who can help you achieve your goals and offer your help. Try attending a networking event as it’s mutually beneficial and leads to win-win relationships.

8. “Networking Is Not Collecting Contacts. It’s Planting Relationships”

This quote emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity when networking. It’s not about how many contacts you have but rather the quality of your relationships with those contacts. Take the time to get to know people, build trust and rapport, and create meaningful connections. These are the relationships that will be most beneficial in the long run.

Networking Quotes

9. “Networking Is Marketing” – Christine Comaford-Lynch

Networking is not only about making connections. It’s also about marketing yourself and your business. You need to be able to sell yourself and your products or services to make a connection with someone. If you want to be successful in networking, you need to be able to market your business effectively as per other person’s needs.

10. “Networking Is An Enrichment Program, Not Entitlement Program” – Susan RoAne

Networking is not about taking advantage of others or expecting something in return. It’s about building relationships, connecting people, and enriching the lives of those you connect with. When we approach networking with this mindset and authentic interest, we open ourselves up to limitless personal and professional growth opportunities.

11. “Networking Is An Unwritten Rule Of Success.”

The size and quality of our network directly impact our success in life. The more connected we are, the greater our chances of achieving our goals. You need to understand the golden rule that net worth is not just financial, and it’s also social. We should invest time and energy into growing our network, just as we would any other asset.

12. “Success Is About The Difference You Make In People’s Life.”

This quote is from one of the most successful people of our time, Michelle Obama. She says that true success comes from making a difference in other people’s lives. It’s not about how much money you make or how many things you own. It’s about making a positive impact on the lives of others.

When it comes to real networking, this quote is especially relevant. You’re not going to be successful if you’re only focused on what you can get out of the relationship. Instead, focus on how you can help the other person and build a genuine connection.


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