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How to Decorate Your NFC Cards


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If you’re looking to stand out in the world of business cards, an NFC business card is a great way to do so. NFC (near field communication) technology enables contactless communication, making it easy to share contact details and links with compatible phones. One of the biggest advantages of NFC business cards is their environmental impact. Since they’re reusable and don’t require any printing, they’re a more sustainable approach to networking.

To get started, you’ll need an NFC-compatible device and some empty NFC tags. You can choose from standard business card shapes or get creative with custom designs and colors. Some companies even offer advanced cards with built-in features like LED lights or LCD screens.

Decorating NFC cards can add a touch of personalization and uniqueness to your business cards that boring paper business cards simply can’t achieve. These cards are becoming increasingly popular among professionals who want to share their digital profiles without the need for physical business cards. In this article, we will guide you through the process of decorating NFC cards to make them more visually appealing and informative.

Step 1: Create Your Digital Profile

The first step in decorating NFC cards is to create your digital profile. You can use any digital business card platform that allows you to create a profile page, such as Linktree, which is free and easy to use. Your profile page should include a profile picture, your name, and a short bio or a headline. You can also add any other relevant links, such as your personal website, LinkedIn, Instagram, portfolio link, and Calendly link.

When creating your profile page, keep it simple and to the point. Avoid adding too many details or links that may confuse or overwhelm the reader. Remember that the primary goal of your digital profile is to provide a quick and easy way for others to connect with you and access your information.

When it comes to the design process, you can work with a design team to create custom card designs or choose from pre-made design templates. Make sure to use file formats that are compatible with the NFC Forum’s standards for maximum compatibility.

Step 2: Buy Empty NFC 215 Tags

Once you have created your digital profile, the next step is to buy empty NFC 215 tags. There are many options available on Amazon, including stickers, coins, cards, and more. Choose the type of tag that best suits your needs, such as a card that can be carried in your wallet or a sticker that can be placed on the back of your phone.

When purchasing NFC tags, be sure to read the product description carefully to ensure that they are compatible with your device. It is also recommended to buy tags in batches, as they are often sold in sets.

Step 3: Download an App That Can Write NFC

Once you have your finished card, simply download an NFC writer app and follow the instructions to write your business card details onto the NFC tag. Then, you’re ready to share your contact details and links with anyone who has a compatible phone.

There are many options available in your app store, such as NFC Tools, which is a free tool that is easy to use and has additional features to help you organize your NFC tags.

When downloading the app, be sure to choose a reputable and reliable option. Read reviews and check ratings to ensure that the app is safe and effective.

Step 4: Follow the Instructions of the App – Only Tap When Instructed To

Once you have downloaded the app, you can start writing your digital profile onto the NFC tags. Follow the instructions of the app carefully, and only tap the tag when instructed to do so. The general process involves setting up the link that you want to write into the tag, pressing “write,” and then holding the empty tag on the back of your phone until the app finishes writing.

Be patient and careful when writing onto the NFC tags, as any mistakes or disruptions can cause errors or data loss. It is also recommended to test the tags before using them to ensure that they work properly and that your digital profile can be accessed easily.


NFC business cards offer a sleek and modern approach to networking that takes advantage of contactless technology solutions. With a range of customization options and compatibility with both Android phones and other NFC-compatible devices, they’re a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Decorating NFC cards is a simple and convenient way to share your digital profile with others. By following these steps, you can create a visually appealing and informative digital profile and write it onto NFC tags that can be easily accessed by others. Remember to keep your digital profile simple and to the point, choose the type of NFC tags that best suit your needs, and download a reliable app that can write NFC.

By designing your own base card using software like Illustrator, you can easily incorporate your own business card design, including custom dimensions that are optimized for your branding needs. For an even more high-end look, consider using metal cards or a black card for a sleek and professional appearance. And don’t forget about the versatility of a digital business card keychain, which can store all of your important contact information in a compact and easily accessible format. With so many options available, the possibilities for creating a standout business card template are endless!

With these tips, you can create professional and effective NFC cards that can help you stand out and connect with others.

Use Zapped NFC Business Cards

If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly way to create and share NFC business cards, consider using Zapped. With Zapped, you can create custom NFC business cards that are compatible with any NFC-enabled device, including Android phones and iPhones.

Zapped offers a range of customization options, including custom colors and design templates, so you can create a unique and professional-looking card that reflects your brand. Plus, their design team is always available to help you create the perfect card for your needs.

Using Zapped NFC business cards is a great way to reduce your environmental impact, as you won’t have to worry about printing and wasting paper. Plus, since your contact details and links are stored on the tag, you can easily update them whenever necessary without having to reprint your cards.

Overall, using Zapped NFC business cards is a smart and modern way to approach networking. With their easy-to-use platform and range of customization options, you can create a professional and memorable card that will help you stand out in the business world.

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