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Hihello Vs Blinq | A Quick Comparison

Hihello Vs. Blinq

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In the digital era, having a digital business card is essential. As we all know, digital media has overtaken print in every field of life. While the paper and newspaper period is over, digital or print business cards have managed to take over.

It is a convenient way to share your details and gather all your accounts and contact details in one view. However, a layman gets confused about which one is better for him out of many available options. Don’t worry. We are here to rescue you again.

This article will let you know how to create a virtual business card using the tools Hihello and Blinq. Let’s get started.


Hihello’s digital business card is one of the best tools to create your digital business cards. You can design your card on iOS, Android, or a computer. It can be completely customized as per your liking. Share your details with a single view without using any card to receive them.

You must simply sign in on iOS, Android, or the web. In this way, you can create your first personalized virtual business card. It also allows you to create multiple cards using different information. You can make cards for work contacts, one for customers or your clients, and also for your friends.

Let’s discuss the prominent features of Hihello’s digital business card.

Contactless Digital Business Cards

These digital business cards are germ-free, meaning you don’t require any physical contact to send or receive a virtual card. If you have an electronic business card, it can be shared anytime, anywhere. A smart business card allows you to update your information with a single touch of a button. You can use Hihello’s digital business card with NFC-compatible devices.

Design Your Card According To Your Brand:

HiHello digital business card is not all about the basic contact information you see on other business card apps. It includes your preferred name and your digital business card accreditations. Add yourself through a live video or a picture so people can recognize you and who you are. You can also include any logo, venom, or company name. It is the most customizable business card available on Apple or Google play store.

Purchase Hihello’s Business Card For Everyone:

This card offers digital business card subscription plans for entire team members or companies of any size at marked-down prices. You can enjoy almost everything that comes with a free plan. Also, you can access a few premium features, including administrative control, branding, and more.

Share Your Business Card With Anyone:

You can share this digital business card with anyone whether they have the app or not. That doesn’t matter. You can share your using the following methods:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Digital card’s QR code
  • Link sharing
  • Social media
  • NFC tag
  • Virtual backgrounds



Blinq digital business card is the easiest way to share your identity with anyone anywhere. You can create digital business cards within two minutes. Before starting the creating process, have a top-rated Blinq app. Both Android and iOS users can create business cards with Blinq.

You can use this card to double up your business network. With the creation of Blinq, you’ll automatically generate a QR code. You can use this code to add your website, badges, brochures, trade stands, and more. Not only for you, but you can also create cards for your team members. Also, they’re more efficient than traditional paper cards.

The dominant features of Blinq’s smart digital business cards are as follows.

Share With Anyone:

With the help of Blinq digital business cards, you can share and grow your network anywhere. Even if the other person doesn’t have the app, it won’t stop you from sharing.

Create An Impressive First Impression:

You can stand out with the help of Blinq digital business cards. Blinq is safe, environment friendly, and a real talking point with customers.

Remember Your Information:

Be memorable with the Blinq digital business cards. Whenever you receive a new digital business card, this card will automatically log your information, including when and where you met your new contacts. It also allows you to add notes to your cards to keep a track record of customer details.

Share With Different Methods:

It allows you to share your digital business card using the following methods.

  • Apple watch
  • Mobile App
  • Widgets for both iOS and Android
  • Compatible with NFC card

Hihello vs Blinq

Which One To Choose?

As we have mentioned earlier, both tools help create virtual business cards. You can share your information with a single touch of a button anytime to anyone, anywhere. However, these two slightly differ from each other.

If we talk about Hihello’s digital business card app, it has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Slate, and Alexis. Their privacy policy also ensures that your information is safe and secure. Cost and in-app purchases are free.

Blinq offers almost the same features. However, if we talk about pricing, it varies slightly from Hihello’s digital business card. Cost is free; however, you have to pay $3.99 to $35.99 per item for in-app purchases.

Customer reviews, positive and negative, are equal on different platforms. Some of them are here:

Hihello Pros And Cons:


  • Simple and super easy to make digital cards.
  • You can create a simple and professional card.
  • Brilliant interface.
  • It covers serial entrepreneurs.


  • It lacks some features that its competitors have.
  • You cannot reorganize or reorder information entered on a card.

Blinq Pros And Cons:


  • Easy to use.
  • Bring a positive image to your business.
  • Clean interface.
  • Reliable


  • Lack of color customization
  • Pricing plans are confusing

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When you’re ready to share your card, simply send it via email, text message, or even post it on social media. There’s no need to worry about losing your card or having it get damaged.

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