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Ever since paper cards are replaced by digital cards for business, the market scape has changed significantly. Electronic cards are an efficient and exceptional way to run a successful marketing campaign.

Marketing is a broad field when searching for a suitable method to market your brand and products. You will come across many great ways, which can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when you don’t have a dedicated marketing team.

A digital business card is an excellent way to market your product and develop a strong network of reliable clients and customers.

Here is how you can turn your digital business cards into marketing powerhouses.

Include Testimonials

Digital Cards for Business

Testimonials are the reviews you receive from customers about your products and services. They increase your credibility and reliability and give potential customers something to trust in you. Testimonials are often present on-brand websites, so you can add pictures of 1to 2 best reviews or add a link to the review page, so the customers don’t have to go online to check your credibility.

It saves customers time and makes your brand compelling.

Add Links to Online Marketing

Online marketing is the way to go in this digital era, and social media is arguably the best tool for lead generation and client acquisition. If your company is online and has social media pages, then make sure to add their links on your digital cards, or if you are marketing differently, then make sure to add their links. The addition significantly impacts your online marketing initiatives, generates leads, and drives sales.

Gamify the Card or Add a Challenge to make the Digital card Amusing

One of the goals of sharing digital cards is to make your brand memorable. So, it is essential to have an interactive and playful digital business card. Unlike paper, we don’t have a lot of options to make them multifunctional. But we can add mind teasers, business-related exciting facts, or tricky questions to amuse the clients. The little trick is quite fruitful and significantly enhances the positive outcomes of card sharing.

Add Special Offers and Discounts

Clients are intrigued by the special discounts, and packages companies offer. So, a business card with a little extra will have a bigger impact. In terms of marketing, it is not a very big investment, but the outcomes are exceptional for the company.

You can add a discount code or coupon that clients can redeem at checkout.

Monitor Customers’ Activity on your Digital Business Card

Many digital business card creators like Zapped allow you to monitor customer interaction. It provides useful insights that can help you better understand customers’ preferences and perform automatic market research.

The data will help you design a better marketing strategy as you will be well aware of the strong and weak links of the marketing strategy. Which will turn more leads into customers and increase sales.

Keep the Design and Color Choice Simple

Fine Design and Color Choices

Design and color have a significant effect on people’s minds. They can be pivotal in making or breaking a deal situation. So use sound and pleasant colors with beautiful background and templates. Moreover, use a professional picture and avoid putting personal social media accounts on virtual business cards. If you need more guidance on designing a professional business card, click here. Moreover, here are some cool virtual card designs to make your choice easier.

Add Multiple Contact Options

Digital Cards for Business Multiple contact options

Multiple contact options are helpful for clients. There are situations when they cannot contact you on your phone or WhatsApp. This situation will make you lose a great opportunity. So, it is vital to add multiple contacts so clients can reach you when one means is out of reach.

Some Popular Digital Business Card Makers

First, we have the Zapped an incredible, affordable, easy-to-use, and modern business card maker. It’s effortless to make a card, every part of the step is well labeled, and there are convenient blogs to teach you to create the virtual business card in just 5 minutes.

The platform has many exceptional features like social media integration, the ability to add pictures, videos, PDFs, multiple sharing methods (QR code, NFC, URL etc.), easy customization, and much more.

Hi Hello is another excellent virtual business card maker. That allows you to easily manage contact and share and receive information through QR codes, text, mail, and social media. The contactless card also has tons of options to seamlessly customize and integrate almost every social media and business app.

Dibiz is another reliable platform trusted by more than 600000 customers worldwide. They have easy to create simple digital business cards that fit everyone’s needs.

These tips show how minor changes can transform a simple electronic card into a marketing tool. So, it is essential to perform proper research to choose the correct marketing method for your company. A little effort can reveal many untapped facilities that will take your business to new heights.

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