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Digital Business Card Cost | An Ultimate Guide

Digital Business Card Cost

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Digital business cards are cost-effective to stay with potential and current customers. There are several ways to create a digital business card, and the most common is by using a virtual business card website. These websites allow you to create an online profile that includes your name, contact details, and other relevant information about your business.

This blog post will discuss the cost of using a digital business card platform and how it can save you time and money. We will also provide tips on choosing the right platform for your needs. So, if you are considering creating a digital business card, keep reading!

The Cost Of Platform

The cost of a digital business card app or platform will vary depending on the features and functionality you need. Some platforms are free, while others charge a monthly or annual fee. The good news is that there are many options available, so you can find a platform that fits your budget.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a digital business card platform to enhance your brand identity:

  • Ease of Use: You want an easy platform to use and navigate. If you’re not tech-savvy, look for a platform with a simple interface.
  • Customization: Does the platform allow you to customize your card? Can you add your own logo and branding?
  • Analytics: Some platforms offer analytics so you can see who has viewed your card and when.
  • Security: Make sure the platform you choose is secure. Look for features like two-factor authentication and data encryption.

Try Zapped, Your Free vCard Solution

Zapped is a free vCard tool that offers all the features you need to create a professional digital business card. You can easily add your own logo and branding, and we offer analytics so you can see who has viewed your card. Plus, our platform is secure and easy to use. Also, they’re cost-friendly compared to paper business cards.

Digital Business Card Cost

What’s Included In Free Plan?

The free version of Zapped offers 1 vCard, 5 vCard blocks, 1 project, and 60 days of vCard statistics retention. You’ll also have access to included analytics, QR code builder, and custom back-half URL. You can start building your digital business card and see how it can help you save time and money compared to physical business cards.

  • One vCard: The free version gives you one digital business card option. You can use this to create a compelling card that can be shared with potential customers or clients.
  • Five vCard Blocks: With this feature, you can create a custom design for your digital business card. This way, you can add your own branding and make it more personal.
  • 1 Project: The free version allows you to create one project. This is perfect if you want to test out the features of Zapped and see how it can help you with your business.
  • 60 Days vCards Statistics Retention: This feature allows you to keep track of your vCard’s performance for up to 60 days. You can see how many people have scanned your QR code and how often they’ve done it.
  • Analytics: The free version includes analytics so you can see how your digital business card is performing. This way, you can make changes if needed and improve your card’s performance.
  • QR Code Builder: With this feature, you can easily create a QR code for your digital business card. You can then share this QR code with potential customers or clients so they can scan it and view your card.
  • Custom Back-Half URL: The free version allows you to create a custom back-half URL for your digital business card. This way, you can add your own branding and make it more personal.

What’s Included In The Premium Version?

With the premium version, you can create an unlimited number of virtual business cards, with no limits on the number of projects or vCard blocks. You’ll also have access to vCard statistics and advanced analytics. Plus, you can use the QR code builder to create custom QR codes for your cards. And, with priority support, you can get help from our team when issues with Vcards.

  • 730 Days vCards Statistics Retention: The retention period when you create multiple cards is 2 years.
  • Password Protection: You can protect your electronic business card with a password.
  • Removable Branding: The branding on the premium version of Zapped is removable.
  • Block Search Engine Indexing: You can block search engines from indexing your contactless business card.
  • Custom CSS Styling: With custom CSS styling, you can make your mobile business card look exactly the way you want it to.
  • Custom JS: You can add custom JavaScript to your digital card.
  • API Access: With API access, you can integrate Zapped with other applications.
  • No Ads: There are no ads on the premium version of Zapped.

Digital Business Card Wallet

Steps To Create Your Business Card

The steps to create digital business cards with Zapped include:

1. Sign Up And Choose Template: You can browse through a wide variety of professionally-designed templates, or you can create your own.

2. Upload Your Elements: Once you’ve found the perfect template, add your company logo to it or insert photos to make it more personal.

3. Edit Text: Customize the text to say whatever you want it to. You can even add links to your website or social media profiles.

4. Share The Card: You can either print out your business card or share it electronically with potential customers and clients when you’re finished. With Zapped, you can even create a QR code that will allow people to scan your business card and automatically add your contact information to their phone.

Summing Up

Creating a free digital business card with Zapped is easy, fast, and affordable. With our wide variety of templates, you can create a professional-looking business card in minutes. And because our cards are stored electronically, you can update them anytime you need to without having to reprint them.

Plus, our QR codes make it easy for people to save your contact information directly to their phones. So try Zapped today and see how easy it is to create and share your electronic business cards.

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