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How Do I Add Links To My Youtube Channel? An Ultimate Guide

How Do I Add Links To My Youtube Channel

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If you have developed a channel for your business on youtube; it is the best way to promote your business as it is an excellent platform to give awareness to your brand, services, and products to the users. The main concern is that you’re gaining traffic on youtube, but you’re not clever to get the result on your business. At its point, clickable links help you. This article will guide you about the clickable link and what type of links youtube accepts.

Before discussing “How to add links to my YouTube channel”, you should know what type of links you can add to your youtube channel.

What Type Of Links Can You Add to Your Youtube Channel?

Safety for its users is the number 1 priority for Youtube. Youtube allows you to post a particular type of content links or social media links and mentions them that you should avoid. Here are the types of content links you can or cannot post in the youtube video.

Verified and Associated Websites

Video creators on the youtube studio can link their content to their own website. If you want to add your website link to youtube video descriptions or videos, first, you must verify the ownership of the website. Moreover, you must enter the Youtube Partner Program that you get when you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on the youtube channel. You would not be able to link your website to the Youtube channel if you don’t satisfy the requirements; however, you can link the other videos to your videos on Youtube.

Unauthorized Paid Content And Illegal Goods Sale

You are not allowed to place the clickable links to the videos that provide access to the unauthorized content to the users. It is considered piracy, and youtube doesn’t allow its creator to add these types of links to your youtube channel. Youtube will also not allow its users to sell illegal goods, such as drugs or fake government documents.

Nudity And Child Abuse

It is not allowed to link your youtube videos to any pornography content and child abuse imagery. Youtube strictly denies its users to do this type of activity and mentions all the policies in the privacy section of Youtube.

Types Of Links to Your Youtube Channel

After discussing the type of content, you should know where you can place more links.

Description Links

Adding links to the youtube description field is easy; you can add the URL to the video description.

Card Links

Cards show up during your youtube video at your specified time, and you can also notice the “i” letter on the top right corner. Click the card to open the links, and you can add these types of links at the time when you are in the Youtube Partner program.

End Screen Links

End screens are identical to cards, but they display at the end of your YouTube video. Similar to cards, you can utilize end screens to connect to other videos, playlists, and media. With end screen links, you can even ask watchers to subscribe to your youtube channel. You should be YouTube’s Partner to utilize end screens to count links to a business URL.

Video Links

Video links are within any video. You can speak about it, count a watermark on the video, or simply display it on the screen at any moment in the video. Especially when you’re chatting about it. You cannot click the links. You must be associated with YouTube’s Partner to utilize these types of links.

Add Links To My Youtube Channel

Add Social Media Links to Youtube Channel

Log in to the YouTube mobile app or on your computer desktop, and observe these actions to include social links to your channel:

  • Click your profile icon found in the top right corner. Then, choose “Your Channel” to proceed to your channel.
  • After entering your YouTube channel, choose the “Customize Channel” option. This brings you to YouTube Studio.
  • After entering the Youtube Studio, head towards the “Basic info” option.
  • Scroll down and you’ll see the Add Link option.
  • Place the title of the social media network along with the respected URL.
  • You can add as many links as you can by clicking the Add links options menu.
  • To make your social media logo with the link appear on the channel banner, go to the Link to banner option.
  • You should have to make the logo of the specific website if you want to show the link on the banner or video’s description.
  • You can put only 5 banners to the Youtube banner, and choose the options which link you want to place.
  • Publish all the changes and refresh the page to see the changes.

Monitoring Traffic From Your YouTube Video Links

Placing the additional links to your YouTube channel or videos is the only piece of the equation. If you desire to assure that your links are convincing and effective, you’ll have to hunt the traffic developed by those links. The best method to measure the traffic generated to your website from youtube is to use UTM codes when you place or add links to your videos. Google presents many free tools that allow you to make UTM codes so you can stalk your link activity efficiently.

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